Somewhere in Dreamland

Somewhere in Dreamland

A poor boy and girl in rags gather wood in the snow. They pass by a tailor, a butcher and a baker, all of whom pity the children. Later, they arrive home. Their poor mother sets before them the only food she can: some stale bread. The children cheerfully dunk the bread in their glasses of water. After eating, the boy tells his mother he's still hungry. She weeps into her apron, and the boy declares that he was only fooling...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:9 minutes
  • Release:1936
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   dream,   charity,  

In their dreams, two poor and hungry tots enter a fantasy kingdom where there are more sweets than they can eat. But when they wake... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juliette C (gb) wrote: interesting concept but I got EXTREMELY bored. I didn't like it at all, I found it pretentious with bad actors, and worst visual and sound effects.

Lewis C (ag) wrote: All-American Orgy (also known as Cumming's Farm) is an odd pastiche of a comedy and a relationship drama. Three couples with various issues agree (for various reasons) to come to a remote farm to have an orgy. Things start out weird and go downhill fast, as various problems come to light.I guess the closest movie I could compare this to is Y.P.F. It won't appeal to everyone, but if you liked that movie, then you might like this one. It's funny in places and some of the group dynamics are interesting, but fully three-quarters of the characters are annoying and unlikeable. The story doesn't really go anywhere, and the ending was pretty abrupt. I guess it's sort of appropriate that the messy situation of the plot would be reflected in the movie as a whole, but All-American is really just too undercooked and direction-less for me to recommend. Some of the pieces were here for a good movie, but there's no coherent whole.

Marilee A (fr) wrote: Oh the Jokes I'm suppressing!!! Like ,I heard this Film was ..........Sorry, Couldn't help myself

Antony T (au) wrote: Rating:??/5.The Director said:" I want audiences to come out of this film not knowing what to say or what to think". Well.. he's right. Don't think about it, it is very amusing and weird. But all I can say this is an unique movie. Cannot describe whether it's good movie or not. Watch for your own risk. :P

Jonathan P (gb) wrote: Spun is pretty much a direct ripoff of Requiem for a Dream but is put together and acted well enough that it doesn't damage the final product. Leguizamo, Schwartzman, Murphy, Suvari and Fugit are superb as is Rourke. The movie is much more dark then its predecessor but does give a good sense of realism to the viewer. Spun isn't as good as Requiem but is good enough to not be discounted.

Laurel S (br) wrote: I really liked all three of these films when I was a teen.

Private U (br) wrote: Named after a Stevie Nicks song?

Private U (jp) wrote: Billy Blanks fighting in a bamboo dome of death. Enough said.

Larry B (kr) wrote: Let yourself laugh. Ben Kingsley and Micheal Caine do a brilliant job in role reversal. Stop taking movies so seriously. LIfe isn't serious, why should any comedy be?

Kevin K (it) wrote: KILLER.....KLOWNS.....FROM OUTER SPACE! What's not to like? if you don't like this you don't understand the power that the properties of cannabis can have on the enjoyment of a movie like this! I'd give it 3 Stars just for the title! even now that I don't partake as I did almost 40yrs ago when we first saw it, Joyce and I still enjoy this movie about once a year. Cult Classic!

Allan C (nl) wrote: James Caan plays a tough Canadian sub captain training a team for a dangerous mission into Nazi waters. However, it's a lot of talk and rather dull.

Harrison W (kr) wrote: Couldn't watch all the way through. The opposite of subtlety, disguised as arthouse. Is it trying to be ironic or biting in the poor direction, the shitty narrative, the bad camera angles or the way the takes don't line up? Real mind-blowing idea that the media glorifies violence when you're 13. By creating a movie that's ironically shitty, Oliver Stone has tricked the viewer into watching a shitty movie.

Vasco M (jp) wrote: The Good Dinosaur was a wonder to observe from a technical standpoint. It's very cliched, however, and seems to draw a lot much from previous animated successes. The character design for certain characters, such as Arlo and the dinosaurs, ranged from ugly to strange; and some parts felt like they could have been edited out completely at no loss to the viewer. If the movie should be summarized into a few words though, I'd call it 'dinosaur torture-porn' because Arlo suffers so many injuries and falls that it quickly becomes annoying.