Somewhere, Tomorrow

Somewhere, Tomorrow

Lori Anderson is trying to deal with the recent tragedy of her father's death. As Lori's mother moves on, Lori finds herself stuck, consumed by grief and anger. With the lingering feeling that something about her father's passing was not right, Lori turns to his journals for answers. The events that follow catapult Lori into a strange romance with a ghost, resulting in a mysterious journey.

Young Lori Anderson lost her father in a plane crash. While her mother appears to be picking up the pieces of her life, Lori isn't. She is resentful of every decision that her mother makes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elcer M (jp) wrote: Entertaining on a surface level.

Matthew S (nl) wrote: Felix Van Groeningen's film is one of the saddest movies I've ever seen. What lifts it up and brings the characters and the audience hope is the wonderful use of bluegrass music. It is the story of true love, happiness and tragedy. And, the "broken" or fragmented way the film unfolds is so true to the romantic an tragic nature of the music. A great and unusual achievement that comes from Belgium yet feels entrenched in an American culture that is slowly drifting away. A must see.

Jerry A (gb) wrote: A cute, family movie. I love puppies. I movie that all puppy lovers should watch.

Chris B (gb) wrote: Lightweight and fun, perfect Sunday night film for the family.

Shaifali A (br) wrote: No Reservations misses the spark with subtle romance, dull drama and toned-down emotions, and a dollop of sophistication and pomp in the scenery and furniture. No Reservations by Scott Hicks is a 2007 romantic comedy about 'one of the better chefs in town', a control freak, Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and an exuberant and Opera-loving Nick (Aaron Eckhart) who comes and topsy-turvy her life in a very slow motion, and she starts to break her own rules when Zoe (Abigail Breslin), Kate's niece starts to like Nick and finds in him and Kate a family; and the movie takes a predictable turn and we see a budding romance between the two during their talks about food and recipes and the cold fights, but the spark is missing. First of the only two (and very bland) kisses happens after the first half.Nothing strikes out much in the 1 hour 40 minute movie, except the opera playing in the background. A line that stuck out, said by Kate's therapist (Bob Balaban) is 'it's the recipes you create yourself that are the best'. Hence, there is no cook book for life, and you can and should break your own rules as you see fit.Predictable for dummies, you can easily skip watching this, if you are looking for a get-lost-in-the-world-of-romance movie. A little flicker in their romance would have spiced things up enough to have me give it an above-average rating, considering the genre.

OLGA G (kr) wrote: i love this movie.....its a funny and kool movie

Ryan N (br) wrote: ok but nothing special!

Donnie B (it) wrote: It all works a little too well, maybe. The pieces fit together too tightly. Still, the heart of this film is a gusher in a good way. I guess the best thing to say is that most views can find at least one character with whom to connect and one character from whom to learn. Otherwise, the technical and artistic merits are worth a look, if nothing else.

Molly D (mx) wrote: Blue Collar Comedy, enough said! :)

Mateo M (ca) wrote: A smart British crime thriller filled with witty dialogue and fun twists.

bill s (de) wrote: Beautiful fight sequences and scenery are just the tip of the iceberg in Lee's martial arts masterpiece.

M Z (ca) wrote: Decent, yet slow-paced, ''real life'' style family drama

Andrew R (ca) wrote: Classic Chabrol; cold and enigmatic. Nasty.

Sam F (mx) wrote: This movie is the best in the Indiana Jones series! It was also very funny. It had a great story too.