Sommaren med Göran

Sommaren med Göran

A young man is searching for the woman of his dreams. In pursuit of love he sails out to a midsummer party in the seductive Swedish archipelago.

A young man is searching for the woman of his dreams. In pursuit of love he sails out to a midsummer party in the seductive Swedish archipelago. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney K (ca) wrote: the story is crazy interesting -- i really have a hard time believing it, actually. there's got to be more to it. how in the world does a 38 year old woman die in her apartment and no one finds her until 3 years later -- no one even questioned it. she had family, she had friends, she had lovers, she had a job (that she quit?) and bills to pay... how does no one look for her. they found her (her skeleton) sitting in front of the TV. the TV was on that whole entire time. she just decomposed into the carpet... the only way they could identify her was to compare her dental records to a photo they found of her on vacation. apparently the building developed a bug problem and smelled like decay, but no one questioned that either! is that not unbelievable?? anyways, as far as documentary/movie wise, i think it could have been done better; but like i've said before, the story is SO interesting that the documentary doesn't really even need to be anything spectacular.

Sbastien C (us) wrote: This film consists of multiple types of scenes, some of which are remarkably well filmed and directed, others being cheesy and predictable. With a similar basis as "Rec" you won't have to think hard on what is going to happen next. Few characters are convincing, and the lines seem to be forced and unnatural. Despite a few unfortunate let downs, this film does the Zombe genre justice, giving yet another perspective on the world of the infected.True to many undead movies, this one also, annoyingly, revolves around one man looking for a family member. Once again, the chance of survival of this family member is 0%, yet they persist to endanger the lives of themselves, and everyone around them.Aside from the less appealing factors, the film does seem to improve as it continues, and altogether it is not that bad. I'd give it a 3.5 / 4 out of 5.

Caleb C (ca) wrote: couldn't get into this bore fest either..

Graydon B (de) wrote: Probably one of the few Marvel films that dont work well, the Hulk is awesome and the fight with the Abomination is fun and all, but the actor playing Bruce Banner is bland and uninteresting and is just not a great flick.

Simon W (ca) wrote: So spectacularly dull that not even Louis Garrel's penis can save this one.

Brad S (de) wrote: Clever romantic story with some refreshingly raw, fun honesty to it. Helena Bonham Carter is perfect, and made Aaron Eckhart look a little transparent at times. I'm not sure how they wrote his character, but it came across as a little too insecure/desperate/perverted. In the end it works, and they have a finicky chemistry showing appropriate wear, be it intentional or not. The split-screen direction can be a lot, but their devotion to it shows and helps it succeed in key moments in the film. It's a gorgeous tribute to the emotions and missed opportunities within a singular moment. Even if you find it gimmicky, it's necessary. And coupled with genuineness makes the film unique, and more importantly, worthwhile

Daniel L (es) wrote: Absolutely brilliant, loved it from beginning to end. Simple, subtle and yet so dramatic.

Chris S (mx) wrote: remember liking this

Alex I (de) wrote: Between the cheap but effective SFX, the noir tropes and the performances, this movie was a damn lot of fun and probably the best one based on the Cthulhu Mythos I've seen. Which can't be too many.

Christopher B (br) wrote: Very well done for an under the radar film. Kevin Bacon is great in these type of roles.

ANDERSON G (it) wrote: Good, this is vertigo, the soundtrack is magnificent (like any of the Alfred Hitchcock film), photography is spectacular, the good performances, the script is Good, all of suspense is amazing, John's paranoia (James Stewart) the way Hitchcock uses the play of light to show the different feelings of our protagonist, his dreams turning his obsession, the feeling that there's something wrong permeates the entire film, his only fault is that at some point the film loses its rhythm and its acts are confused, but nothing is perfect. Vertigo is a great movie in every way.