Sommarens tolv månader

Sommarens tolv månader

Two construction workers are offered an unusual contract. Great pay, but they don't know where they're going or what they are supposed to build. They are brought to a place with 12 months of summer.

Two construction workers are offered an unusual contract. Great pay, but they don't know where they're going or what they are supposed to build. They are brought to a place with 12 months of summer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ted D (it) wrote: Freeman is his usual superb self and does a great job of developing his character. It is a wonderfully heartwarming story about friendship, renewal, and love.

Aline C (fr) wrote: Le 1er film franais qui m'emballe autant depuis TRES longtemps. Acteurs impressionnants, sujet passionnant. Grand film.

Mayank F (ru) wrote: gr8 movie...but just for d indian audience. Strictly not targeted for foreigners.

Pamela S (ca) wrote: A very nice movie. Love the actors.

Lee R (ru) wrote: It's a good story, but not a particularly good documentary film. It plays more as an activist's diary than anything, likely to be enjoyed by those who know they'll enjoy it, but failing to provide context and a structure that could intrigue a general audience. Which is disappointing, because a story of how different factions of Palestinians and Israelis joined together in a nonviolent movement to win a more humane outcome in one aspect of the Middle East's struggles is a good one.

Anh H (br) wrote: So you give a hot guy cool tattoos and call him ugly?? Please.

Eli K (gb) wrote: Entertaining, but not a piece of art.

Andy O (it) wrote: Reading the back of the dvd box for Admiral it seems to be portraying this film as a righting of a great wrong in Russian History that had Admiral Kolchak as a homicidal nearly psychotic tyrant.Yet strangely I seem to be the only person to have noticed the irony towards the end of the blurb on the box when it acclaims that this movie has been "Produced at the height of a resurgence in Russian nationalism during the early 21st century", humm.Anyway in reference to the film this is certainly an excellent movie if one compares it to other world cinema films but actually is quite a modest fare.Certainly the overall story of the last four years of Admiral Kolchak and the intertwining love story with Elizaveta Boyarskaya's character is interesting and elements of the film are clever but there is some significant problems.Firstly it is hard to judge a historical drama without knowing the background of the actual person thus I think this movie lacks credibility with a non Russian audience.Secondly I felt though this movie contains solid performances from Konstantin Khabenskiy (to the point actually I took him as the Admiral rather than Anton from Night watch that had wanted onto the set), this film is essentially full of very good ideas that are started but are not satisfactorily resolved.Essentially this film is an excellent example of Russian cinema but is when compared to other movies a solid above average entertaining watch.Verdict One for dvd

Josh W (ag) wrote: It is an immensely entertaining spaghetti Western/exploitation/samurai flick that is equal parts excessive parody and stylistically badass. And Quentin Tarantino hams it up big time in front of the camera, as do the rest of the cast.

Joshua L (nl) wrote: this is one of those shot on video american zombie films that when you watch it you think to yourself 'give me a camera, $50 and a weekend and i can do better then that even if i wrote it as we weant'. But saying that where would you find a chick with warts all over her tits to star in it and get her shit off all the time. This film is a back yard epic that sux so good. A complete inspiration for a part of my own short film 'EM' i love this film. I have a signed copy.

Mitchell N (it) wrote: 4.5/5. Really good film.

JeanFrancois V (gb) wrote: Troy Hurtubise looks like Patrick Swayze in "Red Dawn". He wears a Davy Crocket outfit and a red beret, carries a Bowie knife and a throwing knife, and practices martial arts moves with his cane. When he was a kid, his father built an Indian village. Now ever since he had a close encounter with a grizzly bear, he has become a builder too: for seven years, he has been working on a series of armoured suits that can withstand a confrontation with "the Old Man", as he calls all grizzly. The latest model, Mark VI, is so heavy and clumsy that it has to be carried to the site by helicopter, and it does not leave much opportunity for interaction with the bear. Moreover, Troy can hardly walk once he's cooped up in it, especially if the terrain is not perfectly flat (uh-oh.) "Project Grizzly" is not about bears. It is the portrait of a macho, macho man, a man who knows fear and seems to thrive on it, has fantasies of invulnerability and hangs out with friends who played "outrun the grenade" when they got bored in Vietnam. Much of the film is about him testing his latest suit live, which should appeal to all lovers of crazy, masochistic stunts. And then you get a rather anticlimactic survival western when the contraption gets field-tested. This is about as low-brow as documentaries get. It will not change your life or teach you much about anything. But it's always interesting to discover the drive and creativity of single-minded eccentrics like Hurtubise.

Jeff M (gb) wrote: Braddock starts in Vietnam, says nothing, does nothing, then all of a sudden becomes a bad-ass at the end. Go America!

Benjamin W (us) wrote: A really good rockumentary that uses some framing and a really big event (I was astonished at how large that crowd was!) in order to deliver the largest impact.

Becca H (ru) wrote: I've heard some reviews that weren't to hot for this one, but I'd watch it simply for the cinemotography and my love of Audrey.

Kirsty P (de) wrote: Too many damn war films!

Asa B (br) wrote: Another top-notch fun film from Ealing Studios. It would have received five stars if it hadn't been for that stupid ending.

Gavin P (fr) wrote: Pretty good film for over 80 years old! Plenty of pantomime/slapstick/mis-communication, but I guess it was quite cutting-edge back then. Some good chuckles, but no hilarious moments. A very nice morale and ending and a good score.

Miguel20 A (ru) wrote: Good story and special effects, but bad performance and bad screenplay.