Sture is a rich alcoholic who has taken a trip to Mallorca to drink himself to death. But he meets Sylvia and they start a relationship. Sture moves in with her in a middle-class community. Sylvia has an eighteen year old daughter, Eva. She gets murdered on the night between Midsummer eve and Midsummer day, and to the police the primary suspect is Sture, who was so intoxicated that he can not say what he was doing during the night.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   dead girl,   trial,  

Sture is a rich alcoholic who has taken a trip to Mallorca to drink himself to death. But he meets Sylvia and they start a relationship. Sture moves in with her in a middle-class community.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marie D (kr) wrote: Omg this looks so funny!

Dan S (jp) wrote: Fighting is shocking, acting is shocking oh dear!

John M (es) wrote: The victims are making porn movie at a remote cottage in the woods, and for the most part the quality of the dialogue and acting lives up to porn-movie standards. The two creepy kids are the standouts, though again in porn movie tradition, neither of them has seen in a long while the age the film tries to pass them off as being.

wicked A (jp) wrote: Really bad translation, couldn't get into it.

Veronica B (us) wrote: Another cheapie horror movie but I liked how the story went. The sickly wife gets gross looking throughout the movie.

Urmi C (de) wrote: VERY GOOD MOVIE WITH A LOT OF FUN :) 9/10 Great Songs in it!

Zac B (nl) wrote: Why does this shit exist???

Ankit K (kr) wrote: dis is one of d BEST SCRIPT i cm acros in recnt pas.....its not realistic but its nt unbelievbl.....movy is at best in prts whr it ws left to script, action n puran's vision....a bit of MILLION DOLLAR BABY revisitd.....dialogs wre substandrd n screenply in prts....dey wr jus dint abl to suppliment d script n puran's dirctn.....n sm whr puran too disopointed , he jus dint able to get d rit body language of of dem ws susant n farookh....nafisa n nirmal wre wastd....sradha lookd g8 bt hvily bullid undr charactr ws bit ovr don....anahad is n extensn to arjun rampal...hs spech dilevry n body language ws poor....tho he does well in d end....d movy wsnt sud hv been shortr by atlest 17 to 20 min .....inspite ol dat.....d SCRIPT is d REAL STAR of dis movy.....dont miss it.

D M (nl) wrote: Toxic waste is dumped into a small desert town's abandoned mines only to cause thousands of spiders to grow exponentially. These bugs quickly develop a taste for humans as the town's populace attempts to defend themselves from the horde. A well-done take on the "big bugs" movies popular in the 1950s (& late 1970s). Pretty good cgi, good acting, decent story, & lots of silliness makes this one of the better comedy-horror films from the 2000s.

Michael A (gb) wrote: Typical family fair...younger kids might like it everyone else will be bored.

Stephen M (de) wrote: As someone who doesn't make enough effort to track down the movies he'd really like to see, and who rarely troubles to watch anything a second time, the fact that I've now seen Le Bossu three times - having actively hunted for it on two of those three occasions(!) - must mean that I'm rather fond of it. Yes, some of the plot developments take a little swallowing, the love story is kind of kinky and the film never quite recovers from the loss of Vincent Perez, but it's romantic to a fault, the period recreation is exquisite, the performances are delightful and there's literally an exciting twist or turn every five or so minutes. What I admire most about Le Bossu, however, is that it's a textbook example of that seemingly effortless French lightness of touch which Hollywood invariably translates into indigestible stodge. Daniel Auteuil is wonderful here.

Mike L (it) wrote: very underrated in my opinion if you ask. actors, story and operator do the thing. It's paranoiac and you can be part of it. And enjoy.

Corey B (kr) wrote: Disappointing "disaster" film is pretty boring with a whole slew of secondary characters who are basically useless. There are no surprises, little suspense, and it just goes on and on.

Anthony V (kr) wrote: Well made film with powerful imagery that somehow sticks in your mind for days. Still holds up.

Roberto A (jp) wrote: One of my favorite black and white movies wit Laurel and Hardy!! Even though the movie is so old from the 30's, it is still halarious!

Nicolas E (kr) wrote: Was looking good, but had some spoilers.

Joe H (de) wrote: Director Michael Goldbach has some strong stylistic potential, but Daydream Nation's greatest flaw is its terribly confused script. It's a film that isn't sure what it wants to be, so it tries to be everything, and in so doing, says really...nothing.

DeMarkus H (us) wrote: He can feel water underground - NOPE

Moriah F (gb) wrote: Glad to know I can still enjoy it's bad graphics and cheesy-ness even still as an adult. Finally, a love from my childhood that hasn't ended up being a huge disappointment when I come to revisit it. Such a fun movie and I love the ending, I wouldn't mind a remake [=p] Though I don't think they could manage a good replacement for Lacey (Penny)Confession: I had a huge crush on her when I watched this movie as a kid. [xP]

Luis O (au) wrote: Not as great as Les Liasons Dangereuses, but just as evil.