Autumn 1944, Estonia. Tens of thousands of people leave their homeland in fear of approaching frontline. Some seashore villages remain completely empty. A young woman with huge grey eyes gets off the boat. Eetla leaves the last boat, thus giving up her last chance to escape. Defying the cold wind and rain of September, she returns to the lighthouse which is unexpected to her father Gottfrid, the lighthouse keeper, and herself. Eetla's return becomes her self-encounter and self-recognition.

Autumn 1944, Estonia. Tens of thousands of people leave their homeland in fear of approaching frontline. Some seashore villages remain completely empty. A young woman with huge grey eyes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Auramadeus M (de) wrote: Primer principio: Esta es una pelcula francesa; y an en estos tiempos es imposible librarse de los silencios, las escenas innecesarias, el ambiente con la sensacin de gravedad, y el protagonista perturbado. Pasan los primeros 00:15 mins. y t todava no sabes de qu va la cosa. Llegas a la media hora, y la trama no levanta. A los 00:45 solo te queda escoger entre esperar q se acabe, o dormir. No s cuanto cost, pera la sumatoria acusa poco presupuesto (sobretodo en el guionista) y las nominaciones acusan una sobre-valoracin. Marion Cotillard no tiene nada q demostrar. Despus de PIAF est en estado de gracia, y ser as para siempre. Pero calarsela todo el metraje jadeando, e interpretando UNA MISMA ESCENA una y otra vez, es demasiado pedir; amn d q tampoco hizo nada trascendental. Mala, mala, al punto de molestarte. Por lo menos tuvieron la decencia de hacer q solo durara 1:30hrs.

Mandy C (fr) wrote: Light-hearted romantic comedy with totally sweet and adorable couple. The amount of comedy and romance was balanced nicely and love how the director managed to balanced the amount of kinkiness of a relationship developed over phone sex tastefully, not making it sounds cheap is highly admirable.The great chemistry between the couple and awesome soundtrack is a bonus, upgrading "Whatcha wearin'?" to the next level. Now, whatcha waitin' for? Time to take a peek!

Muhammed S (es) wrote: Another spit on my grave-esque title.

Craig T (es) wrote: In the end, it's not much of a tale unless the viewer allows himself to take pleasure in the same kind of classist schadenfreude filmmakers would likely purport to be skewering. I liken America to the film's dead lizard: had, but not sustained.

Sheharyar T (de) wrote: i love this movie!!!!wake up sid!!!!ohh miracles is my nick name is sid!!!

James R (nl) wrote: This is a work of absolute genius. If you haven't seen it- then you must. A short film based on the alien equivalent of a driving test - no dialogue but an awesome premise that had me giggling from the outset. This is one of the best Pixar shorts and isn't linked to any of the films - I think on reflection I prefer the Pixar shorts where they are given absolute freedom in their creativity and not bound by using pre-existing characters. This film shows just how amusing and creative the studio can be when given free reign. Well worth seeing, even if you don't go on to watch Ratatouille.

Francisco S (mx) wrote: The lack of interest, the poor jokes and the lack of unpredictability are enough to forget the suitable cast performances and its, whilom, well-written story.

Mihael T (kr) wrote: It's just great. I love YUGO. I love this totally off comedy, different, no cliche, etc. It0s a joke really. It looks like it is a student project. But I love it totaly.

Sunshine C (ca) wrote: Only good thing about this movie was John Cusack.

Samantha S (us) wrote: VERY funny spoof of Westerns with the implacable James Garner. Sure, you know what's going to happen and sure, you know everyone in the cast, but it's all done so well by experts that you laugh all the way through.

Zdravko P (us) wrote: A movie about the lighter side of huge-mannatees oldest profession. Shirley MacLaine couldn't have been any cuter. I still haven't seen The Apt. though.

Jeff B (ag) wrote: Very entertaining comedy starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, Spencer Tracy, and Jean Harlow. Tracy runs a newspaper that prints a false headline that rich Loy tried to steal someone(TM)s husband, so Loy decides to sue Tracy for $5 million. Well, Tracy isn(TM)t happy so he hires friend Powell to marry his (Tracy(TM)s) fiance Harlow, then woo Loy so they can make the headline true. Sound more complicated than it is, it(TM)s a hilarious movie with many wonderful moments. The movie flies by, thanks to the four leads and the great dialogue. I parlticularly liked the scenes whenever Tracy, Harlow, and Powell were together. I(TM)m glad I finally saw this one

Michael T (it) wrote: MGM's smash hit of 1936 features glamorous stars (Gable, MacDonald, Tracy), music (the rousing title song, "Would You?" and an opera sequence for Jeanette), and that spectacular earthquake finale.

Ben H (nl) wrote: Watch this ONLY late at night, with a bunch of friends, and with the sole purpose of making fun of a bad movie. In those circumstances, it's fantastic.

Pavan R (br) wrote: An average action flick... doesn't do any justice to Forsyth's novel