Tired of the touring life the rock star Tommy Cosmo cuts the strings of his guitar, empties his bank account, packs his revolver and takes off to find new values of life .

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Paul D (au) wrote: There's a lot of missed potential in this film which is dull for the most part but certainly had a storyline which might work with better direction.

Daniel P (kr) wrote: Even though I am a much bigger fan of Wolverine then of Thor's, I enjoyed the Thor disc more. Better animation, longer story that was easy to follow having known not very much about it beforehand. Deadpool is wonderful and needs his own movie.

Kari C (fr) wrote: I didn't read the book, but what an amazing story! I WILL have to read the book now.

Keith E (es) wrote: A fascinating coda to a fascinating life. Such sadness from a happily sad guy. I still miss Spalding Gray.

Graeme H (de) wrote: The sophomore directorial attempt by Gallo that comes across not so much a film rather than one big feeling. Awkwardly constructed, the film creates a strange, warm hypnosis in its succession of events. By parallel to Buffalo '66, not Gallo's best; but then, these are two very different films.

Jeff H (au) wrote: The movie is a sometimes light hearted look at the people involved with one drug users life. The synopsis gives away most of the story, so don't ead it if you are going to watch it anyway. The tittle is not fitting since it never comes up in the movie. I wouldn't say the movie is bad in any one point, but it never really conected with me at any point either.

David B (au) wrote: Belies gut laughter & mania! This film has grandfathered many like it. It reminds me of many student films since made, exploiting the walls between us, the floors under our feet, animosity. Best by far? The moustachioed man with his fetishistic massaging apparatus. People only look normal! Beware!

Richard L (de) wrote: It is worth buying this gorefest on DVD, especially because I am interviewed for the 'Making of' documentary!

Tracey c (br) wrote: Haven't seen the film yet...

Alan L (ca) wrote: Quite entertaining with some mystery, great actions and solid animation.Batman,a superhero animated movie which I do enjoy a lot so far,even I'm not his fans.:)

Ken S (ag) wrote: The appeal of a Kevin Smith movie is not that he directed it. Nobody cares if he is directing a movie or not, what makes his movies so appealing is the writing. If someone else was directing his scripts, they'd probably still be good...because the vulgar monologues about nothingness are the appeal. This movie is written by the Cullen Brothers, and while their script isn't horrendous, it is an average comedy. Starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, both of which are playing the same character they always play. Smith's direction is nothing special, as is to be expected. All around this is an average comedy, playing on the whole Buddy Cop genre, and lacking that spark of dialogue that makes Smith work so worthwhile. I think I'm a little worn out of the comedies that look like everyone is trying so hard to think of a funny line too.