Somos los mejores

Somos los mejores


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Somos los mejores 1968 full movies, Somos los mejores torrents movie

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Somos los mejores torrent reviews

Jordan H (es) wrote: For a movie where its big catch is that the conflict lies around DDR, it doesn't seem to take much advantage of it and as a result weakens an ok script that takes itself too seriously for its own good

Greg K (es) wrote: A fascinating following of a movement. Definitely worth a viewing.

Dan M (us) wrote: Musicals, ugh.. granted it was cool to see Giles from BTVS play a quasi-villain and then Paris Hilton shows her face(and sings) to take away any notion of this being just sorta bad. HORRIBLE.

Patrick W (br) wrote: Mind-blowing, witty, ballsy, full of true emotions. must see

Alexander C (au) wrote: A bloodied woman staggers mute and dazed into the emergency room at the Dempsy Medical Center. After treatment for shock and hysteria, Brenda Martin recounts to Dempsy police detective Lorenzo Council a horrific tale of being carjacked.

Austin W (de) wrote: i dont care what people say its not a true zombie movie. when you become infected you become a made killing machine, not a member of the undead

Andrea M (ag) wrote: crazy..i didnt finish watchin it but it was pretty good

Masaio S (us) wrote: Another great installment in the Jubei Chan sequels

Steve C (kr) wrote: Simple old school comedy. Hilarious

Jason J (it) wrote: John Cleese is hilarious as the Headmaster in this funny British comedy.

Francis A (ag) wrote: Aaaahh one of the funniest stand up show ever!

Matt T (kr) wrote: Made in 1945 this take on Public Enemy #1 John Dillinger is a hard hitting, tough gangster flick. During the Second World War there was an unwritten rule amongst the Hollywood hierachy about not producing gangster films so as not to show America to the rest of the world in a bad light. So it was left to the small production studio Monogram to deliver this version of the infamous crook, near the end of the war. The Gangster film was back with avengence. Dillinger shows the familiar story of the gangster biopic, as he starts off as a small fry - sticking up a store for a few bucks and quickly getting caught red handed. In prison he joins a hard bitten gang of experienced robbers and his own rise in rank and staus to public enemy #1, as he and the gang rob banks around the country. Real life bad boy Lawrence Tierney (best known for his role as Joe the boss in Reservoir Dogs) plays the lead with a ruthlessness and tough guy exterior. A charmer with the ladies but a brute when it comes to buisness he is perfectly cast. Unlike other versions of John Dillinger this film portays him very much as a boo-hiss villain which suits the film but was unlike the real life 'Robin Hood' like bank robber who the public admired. Here crossing him in any way is a mistake as he holds on to a grudge like The Statue Of Liberty holds on to her torch. The rest of the gang is a collection of ugly mugs and rogues who pepper many noirs/gangster flicks including Marc Lawrence, Eduardo Cianelli and Elisha Cook jnr (that's him in my avatar). All give able support. A violent film that still has cause to shock an audience. This is probably the least factual portrayal of Dillinger but as an entertaining B-movie with noir visuals and a brisk running time it works well.

Jodine M (us) wrote: A WIP film, artistic and exploitative, probably the best film I've seen.

Richard H (gb) wrote: Not you're average war movie. A bunch of soldiers take on the Japaneese juring the war. Can't remember the plot, just a great cast of characters trying to make the best of a bad situation. One of the greatest feel-good endings of all time. Great jungle location shoot.

Alex S (ag) wrote: Cool 80s action film with Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive) and Linda Hamilton (The Terminator), story by John Carpenter (Halloween, Escape From New York) which makes the film more worth watching.

Brandon S (gb) wrote: You could tell this movie was going to be bad the moment the vampire gives the sun the finger in the first few moments of the film.

David C (nl) wrote: Almost painful to watch. Or maybe just boring. Seems like every scene is built around an excuse to simply fight, regardless of the story's reality.

Mohammed A (us) wrote: Stop turning a video game into movie

Matt M (de) wrote: A deep and dramatic tale, powered by Swank's amazing performance.