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Justin P (ru) wrote: An interesting story with a few genuinely touching moments. It kept me interested throughout, in spite of it's obvious flaws. The script was often as shaky as the camera, however, which must have been an attempt to distract viewers from bad makeup, mediocre acting, and the fact that the lead characters are way too old to convincingly play their roles.

Robert I (ru) wrote: I read a few of the reviews while I was watching this and a phrase that leapt out at me was "desperately feminist". While mostly a misguided sexist sentiment, there's a sort of truth to it too. Most of the reviews are very defensive of Deborah Anderson's execution of her exploration into the world of porn models. I wouldn't attack her for being pretentious or arrogant. Her perspective is represented in the film and it is a far cry from being objective... but few praised documentaries are. Some criticize the film even objectifies the models - and that's where I have separate myself from these other viewers. There's absolutely this primal disgust people have with the subject of pornography. It riles people up. This film discusses that and then we see the other side get extremely defensive about their own position. And sadly this is why nothing constructive about the subject material ever seems to take place. That aside, the documentary talks a little about the business. It is a business and it is managed very efficiently. It is a dying business as nudity has become so prevalent Miley Cyrus offers nudes of herself frequently - and piracy is making it an industry that cannot operate as widely as it has been. There's a good documentary in that exploration right there. But in this one, it's much more a coffee table discussion with 16 models and spliced together quickly. It's hard to get to know any particular model very well because they just don't have the screentime. Worse, towards the end, structure almost completely goes out the window as the models offering what some could call soapboxing takes over and becomes a 20 minute lecture of why civilians are more screwed up than them. It was disappointing to see the structure the film had otherwise just kind of melt away for a more ambiguous discussion about the dark side of the industry and the defensive hostility it arises. As this is a civil conversation, that darkness is not talked about in explicit detail, but then again TMZ openly reports on HIV outbreaks in porn and every time a porn model ends up involved in homicide or attempted homicide (War Machine nearly killing Christy Mack, anyone?) does the film need to get into it when we all know the story anyway? This "review" is already longer than any of my others because there's good discussions to be made both about this film and about its topic (Who remembers Belle Knox for example? She's still going to college and still receives death threats). Unfortunately, my friends make up the people that are immediately repulsed by openly discussing pornography, so things I express here I really can't express anywhere else... Which this documentary is kind of about, isn't it? Well played.Final thought: This documentary is a good conversation piece to have with someone or if you are just interested in the topic. It will not change your minds and it will not enlighten you either. For that, three stars, but an overall positive review.

Nick P (fr) wrote: A strangely different take on showcasing the problems with our youth and lack of parenting, yet refreshingly disturbing and bothersome. It's poetic, but when it's not it comes across as empty. However, Adrien Brody's performance was simply outstanding.

Zahran Z (br) wrote: Not like the original but a cool movie!

Darren R (br) wrote: Admittedly, the movie isn't terribly deep, but it just looks so darn good! Plus, it's kinda nice to be able to watch a simple WWII movie every once in a while--and it's really been a while since a good one last came out.

Lee G (it) wrote: Surprised at how bloody and badass this movie was.

Paula B (kr) wrote: This documentary was a real eye-opener when it comes to dealing with international corporations' issues in other countries. The story focuses on a USA corporation that buys the energy-supplier company for the Country of Georgia. Sometimes the film seems a bit sluggish, but has a some serious punches towards the end. If you have an interest in international business, this film is a must-see.

WS W (de) wrote: Familiar but alrightee.

Lettie E (ru) wrote: pretty good. about ww2

Asif H (ca) wrote: Guess I needed to be at that time to enjoy it.

Shelly l (es) wrote: The movie is so well done , Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez is intimidating as an actor , he is so good in everything he does. I love him.. the same way I love Fernando Fernan Gomez and Alfredo Landa ..... Joder , que actor mas bueno. He visto casi todas sus peliculas , incluso las de los setentas que en su manera tambien me gustan. Me recuerdan a cuando era pequena.

Kristen P (ca) wrote: Marilyn Monroe is irresistible.

Karen O (au) wrote: Extremely well acted drama

iain m (de) wrote: There is a scene of a rehearsal in a hotel where the saxophonist ain't happy - I dare you to watch and listen and not feel the funk, this is a special film.

Karen C (mx) wrote: Very well done exploration of how one selfish decision ran impact/ruin many lives.