Son of Frankenstein

Son of Frankenstein

Wolf Frankenstein, son of Henry Frankenstein, returns with his wife, to his fathers estate to claim his inheritance. When he arrives with his family he recieves a hostile reception from locals. While exploring his fathers laboratory he comes across crooked blacksmith - Ygor, who asks him to revive his father's creation - the MONSTER who is lying in a coma. Wolf tries to revive the monster and believes he fails but then some of the locals are found murdered soon after who just happened to be part of the jury that sent Ygor to the gallows. The villagers immediately connect the killings to Frankenstein and send the inspector to investigate. He discovers the monster is alive and is being used as tool by Ygor. Wolf then in fit of madness shoots Ygor. The then enraged monster losing his only friend kidnaps Wolf's son. In the end Wolf tracks the monster to the lab where he swings down on a chain knocking the monster into a sulpher pit and thus his demise.

One of the sons of Frankenstein finds his father's monster in a coma and revives him, only to find out he is controlled by Ygor who is bent on revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick W (de) wrote: A lackluster tangle of unlikable characters with a snooze-worthy plot.

Paul D (mx) wrote: The low budget quality and the simple 'red herring' mystery storyline means this film could either be seen as a homage to early 90's films of this genre, or just simply below average.

Mike B (ca) wrote: Very funny and touching film. A bit uneven, and I figured out the conceit, but it works. I enjoyed it. In fact, I have rewatched it several times and like it even more now than I did before. Bateman was terrific. His relationship with the Indian kid alone makes this worth watching. Strongly recommend.

Atul R (ru) wrote: Great movie! Lara Dutta and Vinay Pathak are truly great actors. Both did great job. You will enjoy the movie. Kaun si badi baat hogayi. WATCH IT.

Jeff P (fr) wrote: This man is seriously hilarious. Unbeatable talent on display here.

jen b (br) wrote: i thought it was gonna be fuckin lame but surprising was better than i thought.

Greg T (it) wrote: Fun disney movie for all ages with the kid from Wizards of Waverly Place.

Ben F (us) wrote: Whether drolling moralizing in "Metropolitan" or oozing with phobic sleeze on "Gilmore Girls", actor Chris Eigeman has always frolicked in irony. But in 2006, he wrote and directed "Turn the River", a film of immensely bitter sincerity. It presents a boy, Gulls (Jaymie Dornan) with two fates, each one leading to the same place--a world where he is forced to lie to protect his parents. The only difference is that his father's lies ("Yes, we did go to mass") are legal while his mother's ("Pretend you're sick so we can sneak into Canada") are not. Kailey, the mother, is played by Famke Janssen and it is her presence and the universe she inhabits that makes "Turn the River" stand above the current plethora of bitterly hopeless independant films. Kailey lives and breathes pool--when she's not playing for gas or hotel money, she sleeps on a pool table in the backroom of a pool hall run by Mr. Quinette (Rip Torn). It's the place where she plans to rig a game and win the money that'll help her illegally spirit Gully away from his quasi-abusive father. Needless to say, the world of "Turn the River" is a bleak, with little room for the humor or heroic poetry that makes movies an overwhelmingly popular artform. And yet for some reason, I would be happy to spend another film there. After serenely charging "X-Men" and "Star Trek", Janssen's name reverberates with good vibes. But "Turn the River" shows her in a new light--here she plays a character who is angry, clumsy, unpolished, and irrational. But inspite of all these theatrical qualities, Janssen offers a performance that feels thoroughly unstudied. Just watch her head drop to the floor after a weary Kailey wins a pool game--where a less instinctual performer would exagerate the motion, Janssen bends her neck with minimal emphasis, making the moment of rest appear unplanned and all the more real. As is her relationship to Gully. I knew I loved "Turn the River" the moment I watched him run into her arms in a park. It is the place where they meet in secret (Kailey doesn't have custody or visitation rights), where he tells about school and they tickle each other's noses. It is so clear that they are meant to be together and that the only thing preventing that is fate and Kailey's recklessness. It is clear that she loves Gully unconditionally and she is his greatest mentor, just as Mr. Quinette is hers (Torn is a modern sage: a wise man who passionately works to steer his pupil in the right direction, but recognizes that he must allow her to make even life-threatening mistakes). It is a cruel irony that Kailey's plan to help Gully escape his often abusive father will hurt him so deeply, even if escape is what mother and son both want. But ultimately, Eigeman's film is a celebration of the sweetness of the relationship between mother and son, as shown in the final scene which backtracks to the moment when Gully received a letter from his mother for the first time. In Eigeman's film, it is the things that cannot last which are more worth celebrating. **** :)

Per M (au) wrote: I ve got the touch!!! Lyckas vaska fram alla skitrullarna.Detta r nnu en av dom mindre bra filmerna man sett, en historisk katastrof (lyfter fram jnkarna som rddarna i nden IGEN)Denna ggr skall en special trupp frn USA hjlpa en finsk trupp att sl ut en Tysk bunker som ligger vid den finsk/rysska grnsen, (Konstigt d Tyskarna inte mig veterligen var inne i finland under andra vrldskriget.Alla snackar klock ren amerikansk/engelska utan brytning ens utom den enda ryssen som kommer med han bryter och r typ 100ggr bttre n alla andra skdisarna. (han e ju svensk :P) Men rent ut se inte skiten om ni kan hitta p nt bttre.

Michael S (gb) wrote: I can't really stress how pointless it is to watch this without seeing the television show. This movie takes place between two of the episodes so without a lot of the context most of it goes over your head. Plus the anime is well worth watching.

MEC r (au) wrote: Could have been a lot better.

Jonny W (jp) wrote: I want to say that this film has a fantastic ending that should not be forgotten, but the ending is not as meaningful as I thought it was at first. A black man, radio Raheem, is killed by police in a predominately black town so they burn a pizza shop owned by a white man, Sal. But Raheem had just tried to kill Sal, and no one liked him anyway. I mean sure, it shows how willing Americans are to fight over race, but it's poorly done. It would mean so much more if Raheem were a character that people could care about. Then we would care that he died. Then we would understand the hatred of the town toward Sal and the police, while still seeing Sal's side of it.The film seems to say that the town was completely irrational, but at the same time, they are supposed to be rational. Maybe I'm just missing the point. Although I don't understand why the people feel no remorse for their actions, but also leave Sal alone on the day after the incident.As for the rest of the film, it's a lot of unnecessary buildup for a quick ending. There's so much character development, but the two main characters in the fight were the least developed. We know so much about everyone else, but the characters that start the main conflict are relatively mysterious.I'd also like to note that the film could be more accurately called "don't do the wrong thing," but that just doesn't have the same impact, I guess.The film probably worth watching, but I doubt I'll ever watch it again.

Sophie B (nl) wrote: Really good film. Lisa Eichhorn is beautiful!

Kevin D (fr) wrote: not a hint of originality in transvestic Psycho clone

Lorraine T (de) wrote: cruel et surrel souhait, avec un dbut et une fin gniaux...(mme si ce n'est qu'un exercice)

Brian B (it) wrote: Another movie I remember seeing more than once and leaving an impression on me when I was little. Knotts and Conway should have done more together. They were too good not to have.

Orion W (au) wrote: Very slow moving, and we watched about half. It certainly didn't seem like a 100% movie for me.

Steve F (nl) wrote: Cool movie I liked how supergirl was in it.