Son of Ingagi

Son of Ingagi

A newlywed couple is visited by a strange old woman who harbors a secret about the young girl's father. "Son of Ingagi" is allegedly the first science fiction-horror film to feature an all-black cast. Even if the film had no merit (which it does), this alone would make it worthwhile as a historic film. This is really the brainchild of Spencer Williams (1893-1969), who wrote, acted and helped behind the camera. While today perhaps best remembered as the latter half of Amos and Andy, he was a true talent and a pioneer in the category of "race films".

A newlywed couple is visited by a strange old woman who harbors a secret about the young girl's father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron C (mx) wrote: Summarizing whats really happening behind the scenes, in a more dramatic way, but overall, this is how it happens! either you're an honorable member or a slave member

Mark B (br) wrote: Crap not a patch on football facory or greeen street

Pedro A (fr) wrote: O bom: bela fotografia com cores saturadas, banda sonora muito eficaz, pouca manipulacao de sentimentos.O mau: nada de especial.A conclusao: documentario muito bom sobre musica nas favelas brasileiras.

Rafaela S (nl) wrote: For those who possibly do not know, and mostly for fans of Brian Jones, a warning: the film was indeed the product of an intense research. A survey of ten years, I tell 'ya! They interviewed, inclusively, Janet Lawson, the nurse, apparently missing, who was present at the time of the terrible tragedy. They also interviewed Anna Wohlin, the then swedish girlfriend of our beloved idol. Yes, it was the result of perhaps the largest survey yet made of the murder of Jones. And they still made an inconsistent film, with all this material! Very ignorant regarding to the seducing, almost mythical figure of the unspeakable multi-instrumentalist. Brian was a genius with an inestimable talent. Impulsive, impetuous and imprudent (characteristics of the great geniuses), has been decimated by the drugs. Actually, you can even say that Brian commited suicide. Gradually, of course. I personally hate when bad informed people, based on one or two sources, blame Jagger and Richards for the process of destruction of Brian. Believe me, nothing there is true. Jagger was an invaluable friend. Of immense concern. Keith, well, I don't need dwell on. Simply, the band, as an institution, couldn't dispose of the excesses of Brian. Or it would be degrading in itself -the band, I mean. In the film, this is not clear. I felt even a tone of accusation against Keith. The fundamental character in Brian's deterioration has a name: Anita Pallenberg. I won't dwell on that, but anyone who has read at least two biographies of the Stones, have a formed sense about Anita. She, an incatious person in her abuses. Led Brian and Keith to hell. You know what I'm talking about. Keith, smarter, bypassed her. Brian didn't have his chance. Got too much involved, and eventually exceeded himself. Here, Anita, in contrast, is shown as a victim, they don't give her the exact value. The actress that plays her, Monet Mazur, although incredibly resembling Anita, is insipid, despite her appeal. Don't take me wrong, please. I love Anita Pallenberg. It was one of the 60's It-Girl's, come on! But, unable to deal with those who didn't resist to her non-healthy influences. The most important topic to be discussed on this film: where the hell is the genius of Brian Jones here? The director, expert of the Swinging Sixties, I point out, focused in Brian's shadow. His defects, his stains, his sin. And wasted the fundamental; his unbelivable talent. The genius and intelligence of Brian Jones are not shown here. Not even how he founded the group. They pass through the childhood of Brian, but always with focus on the dark aspects. Brian was, above all, a charming mankind. Enthusiast, brilliant, creative and with a talent out of this world. Therefore, basically, I can not say, as a fan of the Stones and Brian Jones, that I approved the movie. It's a film that deals purely with the MURDER of Jones, but is far from narrating Brian's life as a whole.

Joey S (jp) wrote: It's hard for me to say I didn't like Last Days, because I feel like I should. It looks stunningly beautiful from beginning to end, it aims to explore the darkest depths of fame and celebrity, and it's directed by one of my favorite directors, Gus Van Sant. But I didn't like it. It's not awful, but it's devoid of any real substance. Over the course of the movie, the camera follows Blake, the blonde-haired lead singer of a successful grunge band and a not-so-subtle fictionalized version of Kurt Cobain. If the pairing of a Kurt Cobain-based protagonist and the title Last Days wasn't enough to foreshadow what the movie is building up to, well, Blake is fed up with stardom and is planning to commit suicide. The movie is 93 minutes of Blake going through his menial day-to-day routine; he makes breakfast, two Mormon missionaries show up at the door, a phone book salesman stops by, and he practices a song with his band. There is minimal dialogue from all characters, but especially from Blake, who spends nearly all of the film in complete silence. All of his might sound like the formula for an insightful look at alienation and depression, but instead it just feels like a movie in which nothing happens. There isn't any kind of emotion in the movie, it's just a stoic character going about his day for an hour and a half. The movie wants to make a serious impact on the viewer by letting us into the mind of its broken protagonist, but its overly minimalistic style is mind-numbingly dull and empty. Gus Van Sant's previous movie Elephant, which focused on a Columbine-like school shooting, also had a minimalist style, and it succeeded in being not only fascinating but also unforgettably haunting film. Elephant gave faces to the victims of a school shooting and showed it from all angles, while Last Days is simply a hollow but pretty-looking series of daily chores performed by its protagonist. It's beautiful cinematography is undeniably impressive, but it's not enough to make up for the startling lack of substance or purpose in Last Days.

G A (es) wrote: this movie was bizare and wried but I could not stop watching it even when that guy busted out into song It was weird

Andromeda Y (gb) wrote: A delightful piece of French cinema. Not overly sentimental or romantic about farm life. Hollywood could never come up with something like this.

Mark H (es) wrote: I'm not the biggest Vonnegut fan, but this adaptation was quite good. Nolte really warmed to it and his "moment of clarity" which sends him to Israel is quite moving.

Hannah D (jp) wrote: pauly shore... i hate him

John C (gb) wrote: Dorah!! Don't even think about it!!

Fernando C (ca) wrote: I dont know why almost anyone likes this film!I really enjoyed it and everytime I watch it again, I feel the same feeling of goosebumps and my opinion is one of the best films about an epidemic ever made.

Paul A (ca) wrote: This movie sucked, and the leprechaun was annoying. 1 star for the special effects and sets though which were actually pretty decent.