Son of Morning

Son of Morning

A young copywriter becomes the most famous man on the planet, overnight, when he is mistaken as the next messiah.

A young copywriter becomes the most famous man on the planet, overnight, when he is mistaken as the next messiah. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ali R (de) wrote: ???? ???? ???? ??? ??? ??????????? ??? ?????????? ??? ???? ?????

Dan M (it) wrote: The title of the movie would have you believe it'd be one of those cool slasher/exploition flicks, however this was just an altogether horrible shitacular movie with really bad acting and felt totally pointless.

Kirk E (fr) wrote: If you like films about priests who have lost their faith and have subsequently resorted to solving crimes in rural Saskatchewan, then this is the movie for you. Sounds like a series tailor made for the Hallmark Network.

Edgar C (ag) wrote: Horrible execution of an uninteresting revenge tale. Even Death Sentence was more fun. Otting had definitely no idea of how to construct a suspenseful film, thinking that throwing us directly into the action and then offering psychological explanations through flashbacks would be a nice idea. See it until Eldard finishes torturing Schweiger and then run away from this flick. The twist ending is so damn predictable you'll regret having sat through the entire film, especially when it drags too damn much in the middle. 34/100

Angela N (ag) wrote: I liked this but I didn't find the plot/ events all that funny or followable. Yes, it's about a guy and a girl, quirky love story, all that, but there are better movies like that out there. Still, Cillian Murphy and Lucy Liu are pretty cute together.

Chandrahasa R (au) wrote: Good story, decent acting and great twist at the end. Worth a watch

Hayden L (ca) wrote: A great film with great special effects and acting, this is why I love Gozilla.

Angelina C (ag) wrote: Interesting cat and mouse film about a deadly game of deception and trickery. Director Johnny To seems to excel at making this particular crime thriller genre. This is the kind of movie that started confusing and all does not become completely clear until about fifteen minutes before the end. Andy Lau plays the cool cat and Lau Ching Wan, the cop plays the easy going mouse.

Tim S (kr) wrote: Lake Placid was released in 1999 and was directed by horror veteran Steve Miner. It also starred a wealth of acting talent for a B movie of its caliber, and even though it wasn't a huge box office success, it thrived quite well due to its popularity on home video and repeats on cable. The movie also came out at a time when there was a monster movie boom going on at the box office. Looking back at it today, the movie wasn't any sort of game changer or hot new spin on the comedy/horror genre, even though some of its creators might like to think so. It's a fun and sometimes witty monster movie, but never quite reaches the levels of awesomeness you could want. Betty White, of course, became a mini-superstar due to her use of blue language in the film, but it was also a time when CGI and practical effects were still being employed to make a movie like this. Stan Winston designed and created the huge crocodile in the film, and while the CGI doesn't really hold up, it adds a bit of flavor to the mix. The movie, overall, is no masterpiece of the genre, by any means, but it's entertaining enough and has a bit of rewatchability to it that most movies like it don't have.

Lee K (us) wrote: This is a good action flick that i think is a hidden gem or it would be labelled as such if i owned a video store and it was amongst my inventory. Jeff Speakman has some pretty cool moves and I thought the opening sequence as he is working out with the nun chuks to Snap's I Got The Power gets you really pumped to see this film. Check it out!

Lee M (fr) wrote: An excellent film. It's as funny as any comedy made in England since The Ladykillers and a fine example of why Alan Bennett is one of Britain's finest writers.

Mark D (es) wrote: Kids 'horror' (though not really) film about a boy and his rat. The Jackson 5 song comes from this..........its not great though.

Andrey B (au) wrote: Heavy masterpiece of the expert director Dreyer. It heavily contemplates on the the themes of faith and religion, secular and religious, and the problems of inner faith. And the composition of the shot is just mind-blowing. It makes you wonder how meticulously the director lines up and executes his conception of the shot.

Chris C (br) wrote: You need to fix the title of the movie.and when Hank Azaria is the most entertaining part of a movie with so many big names,that's horrid.Loud and unnecessary movie.

William C (br) wrote: I have never thought Resident Evil would get better after the first two disappointments, never have I felt that Paul W.S Anderson would write anything actually good and also never have I ever felt that this franchise is worth the money ploughed into it. My point is I still believe in all those things now after seeing the third instalment in the zombie themed horror series that is based on the video game series of the same name (take note this movie feels like a video game through and through). Our story this time takes us to the deserts of Nevada and the roaming zombies have really got quite far across the US of A and they are in their droves, hungry for some of that good old human flesh. Alice of course is back and is still kicking the hell out of everything and Milla Jovovich who plays her is not all that bad, just lost in a wilderness of crap.The plot whisks you down under the ground and then back into barren wasteland, it's the kind of movie that can really annoy you sometimes because it just goes way too fast. One of the interesting things of this movie is the underground facility also in the desert run by Iain Glen's character Dr Sam Isaacs who actually can feel like a good guy at times until nope, he is definitely the villain. The cast is then buffered up with the likes of Ali Larter who seems to have done roles like this before but cannot escape the generic character she is handling and also the drab lines. Oded Fehr is back to reprise his role as Carlos and he again is in the same sticky situation Larter is in, a character completely and utterly generic. Now the style of Resident Evil is easy to see when watching, fast, lot's of zombies (I mean like loads) and also a load of disposable characters to throw away. We now get to see that style not changed by Russell Mulcahy the guy who made "Highlander" and he is known for his fast edits, oh what a perfect choice! The thing is though it isn't Mulcahy who I have a problem with, I mean he is not good but it is Anderson who ruins this. Paul Anderson has kept on making these and they have been consistently poor, he directed the first one and with the second I thought "Oh good that guys gone now" but I was wrong, because the man writes the movies. The script is so run of the mill it is just silly, I mean you just know what will happen next and it feels like he just didn't want to have any new perspective on an already well trodden zombie movie path.Listen there will be people who can fully enjoy this for what it is, I mean I admit for some I can see them having great fun, look past some more technical points and you could have a blast. For me personally though I am rather more sad than angry because this is a movie series that has had it's chances and could quite easily make a barely OK movie (which in my eyes is totally fine), but they keep on producing the same old and I fear for the future of this series because if it doesn't step up, then it's destined for the bottom of a movie bin in your local store.

Zombie M (mx) wrote: What a difference 20 years makes in movies. This is essentially ALIEN but made 20 years earlier.