Son of Sam

Son of Sam

This chilling tale recounts the late 70's in New York City, when a serial killer on the loose dubbed "Son of Sam" creates havoc. When arrested, "Son of Sam" tells police he was influenced ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Omar E (de) wrote: u shoulda listened to amy lee the rockstar life is sad

Lucho A (br) wrote: Worst horror movie ever.

Emeka W (ca) wrote: Not all of this country's history is about brave, honor, and combat. Not all events that make the news should become a made for TV movie. But I'm hoping the reason behind going through with this movie was to bring to light all the events before and after, and not another hollywood quick buck. With that said, I have to give my sign of approval. The questions and answers this film ask are on point from start to finish. Louis Gossett Jr. gives what i believe to be one of his best performances and Jon Voight is no step behind. They truly bring to life the hardships the mayor and sheriff handle. Seeing the family go through the pain they suffered could almost bring tears to your eyes. I love this film....dispite the race relations across this nation. Wake up America!!!!

William F (jp) wrote: Almost the same thing as the first, but the jokes are off this time.

Ashley B (es) wrote: A movie taking its delicious style from the setting and characters. To see the variety performers auditioning for spots was a great treat. The story is the barest pretence for the fantastic characters who populate the canvas, although it does have elements of domestic realism, as well as the issue of professional rights over material. But the essential aspect of this piece are the strongly drawn individuals interacting with one another to bring a whole range of comedic traditions to the screen. If you have any interest in comedy as a performance skill, this is truly a delight. I love every moment of it.

Tim W (nl) wrote: This was the last good Pink Panther movie. It wasn't quite as ripe as the first ones but it still came in strong.

Julie S (mx) wrote: Bing Crosby and Bob can you go wrong...oh wait, you can't!