Son of the Pink Panther

Son of the Pink Panther

The eighth and last of the Pink Panther series. The illegitimate son of Inspector Clouseau is on the case of the kidnapped Princess Yasmin.

Charles Dreyfus encounters Jacques Gambrelli, who reminds him painfully of Inspector Clouseau, the man who drove him insane. With good reason: Gambrelli is Clouseau's son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Son of the Pink Panther torrent reviews

Adrian B (kr) wrote: Nothing wrong with the animation shame it can't be said about the story and the rest of the movie. Feels like a wanna be Madagascar clone and that wasn't that amazing but this doesn't come close

Regan C (au) wrote: Imagine Stephen King's "It" from the producers of Duck Dynasty with all petty, unwelcome sentimentality intact.

DanetteDani A (es) wrote: Go play with the live girl. Sometimes it's hard to let go of a loved one when they die. He talks to her likes she is still here. A ghost. The daughter is close to her dad but family thinks he is losing it.

Stanley P (ca) wrote: Another one for times like this

Ibraheem M (es) wrote: While watching my favorite 1981 film you will discover something rare and precious as it explores the passion that arouses between the elderly couple Fonda and Hepburn, accompanied with a majestic score from Dave Grusin.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: I was a bland 50s B-movie.

John B (es) wrote: I enjoyed this animated movie and the story that it told

Alexander L (mx) wrote: A pretty bad sequel! The story is just a mess & no where near as good as the first one, the animation looks terrible, the songs are horible & even the Gini isn't as funny in this!