Soñando con el final

Soñando con el final


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Josh D (gb) wrote: Really gripping and interesting topic, but it was poorly put together and tried to cover way to much in two hours.

Ian D (us) wrote: Will rate it later as I have just downloaded it and will be watching later today

Sophie B (ru) wrote: Mildly amusing but not worth the trouble.

Alessandro L (mx) wrote: a lay woman cured by the grace of god in a pilgrimage to lourdes.. it sounds terribly boring, isn't it? however the treatment used by the director is extremelly detached and sometimes the entire atmosphere and the characters tend to be ridiculus at all. i appreciate this tone of voice anyway.. a lay movie at any level.

Daniel M (fr) wrote: No big explosions, no CGI, no car crashes, in fact not a lot of action and more a simple story than a complex conflict.Enjoyed it a great deal, worth watching if you want to get some insights into people, who one (or at least I) had no contact with and almost no knowledge. Over the course of a few hours you get to know people who live in a very different environment but you learn to appreciate and enjoy visiting with.Beautifully shot, haunting score.

Frances H (de) wrote: Although I'm not a Stallone fan by any means, this movie was not all that bad by any means,

Tounvuth T (us) wrote: it is nice day !!!!!!!!!!

Chris H (us) wrote: Delightful gem of a movie.

Guillaume H (it) wrote: A technicolor feast on a shoestring, this movie was made only to display its crazy sets and some lightning skills, all uber-60 and psychedelic, but they forgot to write a story around it. Oh and be prepared, when the vampires emerge, they do so out of huge cellophane bags. All in all, i really hesitate ; its amust see ( and i mean SEE) but boring to death. The ominous ending doesnt redeem the tedious road to get there.

Gus S (nl) wrote: Very sloppy re-edit of the 1958 Japanese version boasts Myron Healy as the "star." In fact, unlike Raymond Burr in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Healy's inserted scenes are pointless. Most of the movie he is far away from the action. He never actually sees the monster and spends his time fiddling with a radio during the monster's climactic city attack (which is taking place hundreds of miles away).

Michael R (jp) wrote: Classic monster movie. A respectable showing but lacking the same magic as some of the originals.

Peter R (nl) wrote: For people who are thinking of seeing this film, please do not watch it without watching the TV show Firefly first. Otherwise you will be thrown into the deep end not knowing what is going on half the time.This film has a tad darker tone to its TV show predecessor, but it is definitely committed to the style and charm that every "browncoat" has come to love about the adventures of Serenity. For me personally, I am disappointed with a few things this film left us with. I'm sure Whedon planned or hope for a sequel, however even if that were so, there were unanswered questions for some of the characters and unsatisfactory outcomes for some of the others.Special mention should be made for Chiwetel Ejiofor's great performance, which without could of dampen the overall feel of the film. With that said the execution of the film was suitable and should be pleasing for most Firefly fans. However don't expect to find answers to questions you have brought with you from Firefly, I believe Whedon has answered at least some of those questions via comics and books.

Dan M (mx) wrote: Creative silliness that never falters.