This poignant human drama is phrased as a "small sonata" in three movements -- a novel approach by director and writer Micheline Lactôt to tell the story of two teenage girls. In the first movement, Chantal (Pascale Bussieres) rides the same bus every day and slowly develops an infatuation with the bus driver. Their interactions are expressed through gestures and glances and facial expressions, but not words. Just as Chantal is getting old enough, and maybe courageous enough to actually say something to the driver, fate steps in and she loses her chance. In the second movement, Louisette (Marcia Pilote) hides out on a fishing boat and is discovered by a Bulgarian fisherman who treats her with kindness and consideration and they spend a special evening together -- without being able to speak a word in the other's language. In the third movement, Chantal and Louisette become friends, and as kindred spirits they share a sense of loss and hopelessness.

Two teenaged friends have separate difficult experiences that make the girls seriously consider suicide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brendan N (es) wrote: works okay and the film attempts a lot. could of been more of a roller-coaster but it misses that. good for a night in but it won't be the cult favorite it was apiring to be

Ryan M (us) wrote: Some nice dancing, but the movie was so raw (and not in a good way). Many better efforts out there in this genre.

Duyum D (ag) wrote: It's funny how you like a movie more when it's harder to grasp it.The plot is very simple and yet there is so much happening. The whole movie feels like you're watching an artist at work. It's a visual delight and emotionally draining(in a good way)

Myspace Of Simon Seville (ca) wrote: This is a great movie.ONly it needed a little better effects.

Simon W (br) wrote: Fun and better than expected.

Roland S (fr) wrote: dripping with atmosphere

Toni H (gb) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teika S (de) wrote: A passionate tale of love lost and regained!

Jon P (ca) wrote: Kuroneko is a harrowing ghost story of nightmarish pace and scream-worthy navel gazing.Most notable for its early wire work in a handful of crude action sequences, Shindo Kaneto's shocker takes a simple folk legend and shakes the life out of it in a desperate attempt to spout as many not-so-profound philosophies as possible in 1 hour 40 minutes.Perhaps the true meaning of the movie is just less accessible to western audiences... perhaps the importance of its poorly told folk tale pales in comparison to the greater philosophical and artistic point Kaneto is trying to make... or perhaps he just lost sight of Kuroneko's punch in pondering a series of perhapses. One thing's for sure, few fans of Japanese cinema will leave the film remembering anything about it at all, other than that it sucked compared to Onibaba. Perhaps.

david s (gb) wrote: Being a big fan of David Lynch it was easy for me to enjoy the campy, over the top homage to "The Wizard of Oz" called "Wild at Heart". It revolves around a fiery love story between Sailor Ripley, played by a perfectly cast Nicolas Cage, and Lula Pace, played by a scintillating southern-drawling Laura Dern. A lot of what takes place is random and in some instances unnecessary, and to the average viewer many of the oddities will be easily underappreciated. And understandably so in certain regards. However, a film receiving critical acclaim from those who consider themselves Cult-film aficionados, is often times a film that will not appeal to the general public. There are questions unanswered, weird people everywhere, and allusion after allusion to the good ole film with the yellow brick road. The references are somehow eerie to an extent, and force your nostalgic sensors to collide with visual discomfort and dialogue energized with mysticism. Nowhere near as complete or memorable as "Blue Velvet" or "Mulholland Drive", it is doubt discernable in regard to magnitude, but if you enjoyed either of those films it is a safe bet that you will get kicks out of "Wild at Heart". Its a love story, a road movie, a revenge movie, and tale redemption all rolled into one. Sailor takes Lula away from her protective mother who is the main villain, her performance riddled with curious, raw, domineering energy. Needless to say, she hates Sailor, and employs certain powers that exist underneath the surface of common understanding, and plans on having him killed. Sailor and Lula just want a simple life together, he having just gotten out the big house- stemming from an incident involving his lover's madre, and she desperate to escape the claws of a life constricted by ever watching eyes. They try to reach their promise land while enduring an onslaught of irrational occurrences that can only be summed up as Lynchisms. I love em'. You may or may not...

Per N (ag) wrote: Hvad nu hvis D-dag slog fejl og Hitler vandt 2. verdenskrig? I denne verden, der foregr i 1960'erne, har det nazistiske europa for frste gang siden krigen bnet sine grnser for USA, der overvejer en ny alliance med nazisterne om at hjlpe dem med at besejre rusland. Rutger Hauer spiller fantastisk i denne utrolig flot lavet film, der viser hvordan verden mske havde set ud, hvis nazisterne havde vundet.