Song o' My Heart

Song o' My Heart

Broken hearts in Ireland. Sean is a great tenor, in semi-retirement, living in a village close to Mary, the woman he's always loved. Mary's aunt convinced her to marry a man for his money; he's has recently deserted her, leaving her penniless. She and her two children, Eileen and Tad, move in with the selfish and austere aunt and are miserable. Eileen is falling in love with Fergus, a young man who's off to Dublin to seek his fortune. Sean is drawn out of retirement and goes on tour in America. At his first concert, he's nervous and out of sorts until the last song, when peace descends on him like a gift. What has happened, and can family life be set right?

Broken hearts in Ireland. Sean is a great tenor, in semi-retirement, living in a village close to Mary, the woman he's always loved. Mary's aunt convinced her to marry a man for his money; ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher P (br) wrote: If you like tennis and/or the sisters, you'll like the movie. If you don't, you probably wouldn't be watching this anyway.

Alexa C (ag) wrote: This movie was funny, and had an awesome love story to it! Miles Teller is amazing, as well as Analeigh Tipton. Must watch!

Benedikt F (jp) wrote: Another impressive piece of evidence that the US constitution isn't worth the paper it's written on.

Asma K (gb) wrote: Painfully funny. But mostly just painful.

Maria K (ru) wrote: this movie is my best friend.

Sarah H (br) wrote: A strange movie, but I enjoyed it, especially since Shelley Duvall, one of my favorite actresses of all time was in it. I don't think I would want to see this movie again, but I definately enjoyed it the first time around.

Chris P (ca) wrote: Boris Karloff is not an evil mad scientist, but he's more than willing to experiment on humans. Bruce Bennett, the supposed hero, heralds the great contribution of Karloff to science at the end of the film which sort of is like saying Josef Mengele was at least giving us good scientific information while torturing people. Of course the science in the film is an asinine mixture of cryogenics and poison. Lots of fun though.

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Jonathan H (fr) wrote: Slightly strange, but funny and beautiful. There are times when Carell and Knightley are a little awkward on screen together, but for the most part the two leads play off of each other well, imho.