Sonic Outlaws

Sonic Outlaws

Within days after the release of Negativland's clever parody of U2 and Casey Kasem, recording industry giant Island Records descended upon the band with a battery of lawyers intent on erasing the piece from the history of rock music. Craig "Tribulation 99" Baldwin follows this and other intellectual property controversies across the contemporary arts scene. Playful and ironic, his cut-and-paste collage-essay surveys the prospects for an "electronic folk culture" in the midst of an increasingly commodified corporate media landscape.

An examination of the nature of art and the things we all create. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron M M (mx) wrote: I rented this from a near video store, it was one of those 'so bad its funny' ones. I laughed throughout it. Still a shit movie tho

Tanya S (nl) wrote: i loved this movie!! great underlying message!!

Jamie C (fr) wrote: A good entry to the Resident Evil films with some very good action scenes that would of been better without all the stunt wire works and silly parts added in for the hell of it, The story was ok but full of plot holes (Yet again) and silly mistakes which made Afterlife feel very rushed at times, The effects were so much better in this one and I bet in 3D this film would of been very good but I only saw the 2D version, A few more of Resident Evil faces/creatures show up, We see Wesker in action this time, We Finally get to see Chris Redfield, And for no explained reason we have the Majini zombies from the Resident Evil 5 game instead of normal zombies we also have a Executioner Majini too which was pretty badass but underused, The whole film had a Dawn Of The Dead vibe to it and I tried my best to enjoy the ending action scenes but the fight between Wesker, Chris and Claire was a frame by frame live action version of the fight from Resident Evil 5 the game, Also the beginning scene which could of been way better was silly and rushed, But I'm a big fan of the films and I did enjoy it but just wish they took their time more, If you liked Resident Evil 5 the game or the first 3 films you will/should love this.

Matt B (br) wrote: A brutal, unwatchable drama that just gets more and more depressing by the minute. I know, I know, dramas can be depressing, but they should be GOOD too. Reservation Road's story is too simplistic to stand out.

Taha m (mx) wrote: 2016 will smith disagress for i am legend 2.

Winston T (gb) wrote: now because of the naked girl and Lucifer!

Barry H (gb) wrote: This film is a miss in my opinion more of a documentary than a film! Its not that funny either!

Cade H (nl) wrote: Mimic 3 takes the concept of the giant, mutated, human like insects and creates a decent story to finish off the series, for now at least. Where as the other films took place mainly in dark subways and sewers, Sentinel focuses on a young man who takes pictures from his bedroom window and slowly discovers things are not right with some weird neighbors. The film slowly leads up to revealing what is the cause of the strange findings and then some nice action/horror helps round out the finale. They tried to ramp up the creepiness but ultimately it never really got there. I enjoyed parts of the film but by the end I lost interest in the characters and what might happen to them. The series evolved nicely but overall its still a weak horror film about bugs.

Daveen K (us) wrote: I really like soccer and I just enjoyed the movie. Ein guter Film =P

Anna D (nl) wrote: sounds like a super hero tale

Tape T (nl) wrote: We love Steve James.

Bryan D (gb) wrote: If you have not checked out this movie yet, do it now. It's AWESOME. Very inspiring. Of course, I'm a bit biased cause I'm a big Journey fan. Regardless, it's a very cool rags to riches story. Arnel Pineda's story is amazing. From a homeless man living on the streets of the Philippines, a chance youtube search lands him the job of Journey's front man. Great stuff.

Joseph B (au) wrote: The theme song is "Jesus is Coming Soon."

Mackayla b (it) wrote: Different twist on an old tale

Trevor H (jp) wrote: A deeply disturbing film that explores the abuse of women. John Malkovich plays Professor David Lurie who is dismissed from his university post after taking advantage of a female student. There is always the underlying feeling that although she participates, she is unwilling. After his dismissal, Lurie visits his daughter Lucy, played by Jessica Haines, who is subject to a vicious rape and inseminartion by three black boys. Lurie is furious at the abuse suffered by his daughter, but fails to link it to the abuse to which he subject his pupil Melanie (played by Antoinette Engel). As a backdrop, the film explores the state of South Africa, suggesting that since the abolition of apartheid, the country has gone to rack and ruin. So many white South Africans today feel dispossessed. The part that was shot in South Africa is beautifully photographed, and the desolation of the country certainly comes through. In summary, a very fine film.