Sonna Puriyathu

Sonna Puriyathu

Shiva, a dubbing artiste lending voice to English films, has an aversion towards the idea of marriage and hates being in a commitment. However, his life takes unexpected turns when his mother blackmails him to meet a girl of her choice, Anjali. But Shiva has plans of his own to rule out the idea of marriage with Anjali.

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Christine D (ru) wrote: 8/29/10 Slow, poor acting.

cli o (mx) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Cars L (gb) wrote: Great film with good twists

Jason H (kr) wrote: Full adrenaline rush. What an amazing race.

Sunil J (ru) wrote: Sad movie about a girl and her father. Well done.

Cody R (gb) wrote: This is the Showgirls of Disco flicks.

Alex G (ca) wrote: Smart, original, beautiful and engaging. This film takes its idea to the absolute extreme and does so with style and skill.

Alex S (us) wrote: Not good, but not bad

Rea K (es) wrote: I like Antonioni's work in last years of his career. Beyond the clouds was my favorite. now when i watched this one I liked it too.

Byron B (mx) wrote: Religious satire, I love it! Gantry has an image to uphold for his flock and for Sister Falconer. He has the skills to be a dynamic preacher, but how long can he keep fooling the flock because he's really a con-artist. As is the case with most page to screen adaptations, the scenes and characters in Lewis's novel are reduced for shorter attention spans. Lancaster plays the charlatan with the verve of the acrobat. Simmons plays the confused revivalist lay preacher, who claims holy inspiration, but finds herself seduced by Gantry.

Harry W (us) wrote: Teaming up Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett Jr. Underneath the direction of the legendary Wolfgang Petersen, Enemy Mine sounded like a feature of strong acting and spectacle.Enemy Mine is a film which is proudly cheesy in many parts. With a distinctive 80's feeling to it, the film immediately kicks off into a space battle which shows off the film's stylish aspects. We see the visual effects put to use and get a glimpse of the musical score before the dogfight ends in a crash. From there, the 80's aspects of Enemy Mine begin to show a lesser side to the film. For one thing, the characters are very thinly sketched. One minute Willis E. Davidge has a merciless ambition to kill the Dracs, and the next he's suddenly begging for help and food in a cry of human futility. He isn't the larger-than-life space hero that he proclaims to be, but this plot point doesn't really humanize him either. It simply shows that there isn't all that much depth put into characterization by the screenplay and that the motives and story points are prone to changing instantly. It takes a while for the characters to transcend the archetypes they have been written into, and while the story steadies itself there isn't much else to boast about.The story itself is a slow one. The premise is simplistic and relies on the play between the two main characters to drive the narrative while the production design and prosthetic effects are intended to keep audience eyes captivated. The characters have to survive the threat of the world around them, but the way that the story shapes this is rather generic. And at the same time, there are plot holes surrounding it all. The main one would be the mystery of why nobody has attempted to make any contact with either Willis E. Davidge or Jeriba Shigan. Hope for rescue is considered futile on the planet they attempt to survive on, but this really doesn't make sense. I mean, someone involved in the war between both the Humans and the Dracs would have to be aware of the last location Willis E. Davidge and Jeriba Shigan were at the time of their crash, particularly given that the intro to the film shows Willis leaving a hangar which is a relative distance from Fyrine IV. Given that the planet is sustainable for humans and some have been visiting the planet sporadically, you'd figure that somebody would be bound to come and explore the planet in pursuit of rescuing the protagonist or executing the antagonist. I guess maybe both species would rather just let their own die. Or maybe none of the writers thought too deeply into the story. The latter seems more appropriate, especially considering the manner in which the later parts of the story treat their human characters as comic relief more than as anything meaningful. Either way, Enemy Mind does not have the most structurally sound narrative much of the time. After a while however, the film settles down and it becomes easy to forget the science fiction nature of the story in favour of its dramatic narrative. Enemy Mine is a science fiction film focused not on visual effects or big concepts, but the simple theme of brotherhood within a zany context. The film is eventually able to escape its cheesy elements by developing real drama out of its story, far more than I expected given the way that the film began. Despite the risk of simple sentimentality being the root of the drama in Enemy Mine, the feature earns the status of a meaningful and compelling drama after veering through its shallow territory. It eventually becomes apparent that the characters are capable of developing and so the story joins them in being a touching story of brotherhood. And given the alien nature of one of the key characters, there is so much more for the story to explore than a simple human drama could. In essence, Enemy Mine manages to find a way of using its science fiction genre for the sake of dramatic depth in a way that countless other major Hollywood pictures manage to disregard. So even with its cheesy cult movie status, Enemy Mine is still a very credible piece of cinematic drama. There are many themes in Enemy Mine which reflect James Cameron's science fiction masterpiece Avatar (2009). Both films confront attempted co-existence between aliens and human life while making audiences confront the evils of humanity put into a science fiction context. Obviously the two films are decades apart and take approaches of significant difference, but Enemy Mine deserves respect for exploring such themes generations before everybody would see them in Avatar. Given that Enemy Mine is more character-oriented than Avatar and doesn't feature a narrative which is relatively identical to Dances with Wolves (1990), one could argue that it offers more story innovation in comparison. That's not to say that Enemy Mine is a better feature, but it does suggest that within the cult circuit there has been some extent of influence spread by the existence of the film.And from a technical perspective, Enemy Mine does not hold back with its grace. Without being reliant on its visual elements, Enemy Mine makes use of an extensively designed set. The scale of a large planet is convincingly captured through the way the film integrates set design with green screens, and the visual effects provide a nice touch as well. The makeup effects are also very creative with the design for the Dracs being detailed and original. The close-ups of the creature's face give viewers a full perspective on the detail, and though the holes around the mouths of the costumes may be slightly detracting at times it is hardly anything to complain about. Enemy Mine mixes convincing universe construction with detailed alien design, and this provides an effective otherworldly feeling. The cinematography that captures it all is also effective as it mixes close-ups for the character-oriented moments with wide-angled long shots for the scenes emphasizing the spectacle of the planet. Everything visual about Enemy Mine capitalizes on the science fiction genre of the film. And to top it all off, Maurice Jarre's musical score is just beautiful. The man's musical score is in charge of capturing the narrative atmosphere much of the time and does so through emphasizing the sweeping spectacle of the larger-scale sequences while being subtler and restrained when need be. Being a character-oriented film, Enemy Mine is surely indebted to the talents of its skilful leading actors.Dennis Quaid proves a solid lead for Enemy Mine. During the early stages of the film there are many times where it feels as if Dennis Quaid is doing a slack impersonation of notorious sci-fi hero Han Solo, but the more frustrating moments of these scenes are overshadowed by the cheesy sense of fun that comes with it. The man plays to his 80's archetype with melodramatic dedication before developing into a legitimate hero while also maintaining a sense of humanity that audiences can sympathise with. He starts out one-dimensional so that he can surprise viewers later on with his character's transition into humanity, and it pays off because his effort is really a compelling one. Dennis Quaid is able to build depth out of a role which really runs the risk of being too stereotypical, so its a testament to his dramatic credibility as well as a fun genre picture for him.Louis Gossett Jr. also leads the film with brilliant charisma. The entire time I was watching Enemy Mine, I completely forgot that it was meant to be Louis Gossett Jr. because he was so dedicated to every inch of the role. Speaking with a hissing tone of voice to him and a flawless grasp over the fictional Drac language, Louis Gossett Jr.. shows confident communication as the member of another species. But what's more impressive is the physicality of his performance. While constantly remaining underneath such detailed makeup, the Academy Award winner refuses to hide beneath it and captures physical movements of such a tenacious flow. He moves in a manner which is almost seductive and is certainly hypnotic, and his facial expressions depict a commanding confidence over the character's state of mind. Louis Gossett Jr. grasps the alien nature of his character without stumbling, and yet he doesn't forget the need to implement real depth into the part. The man speaks with a passion for his character's political side and greater humanity than his human counterpart, making him more likable of the two characters in many moments. Louis Gossett Jr. is spot on for the role of Jeriba Shigan, and it's such an offbeat but legitimate role for him which simply propels his credibility to new heights.Brion James' naturally intimidating demeanour combined with his legacy for portraying Leon Kowalski in Blade Runner (1982) makes him a befitting villain for Enemy Mine,Enemy Mine is not without its cheesiness and narrative shortcomings, but its ultimate depth and sentience makes for an incredibly touching dramatic experience with impressive production values to support Wolfgang Peterson's legacy as a man of style.

Kevin H (ru) wrote: This was a good movie. Probably only watch it once. The story is good but really depressing. I wold suggest renting it.

Jayr A (ag) wrote: Oh my god. What a fucking mess.As a fan of the TV show, this movie is quite a disappointment to me. It seems like they're cashing in the show's popularity by making a movie as a continuation rather than making another season of the show which I loved.The humor of this movie. What happened? Were the creators of the show got lazy in writing a clever funny joke in this movie? The humor seemed too forced and begs the audience most of the time to laugh because "it's gross and we should laugh at it". This movie lost the witty, sarcastic, brash humor of the show. Instead, this movie has unnecessary toilet humor and garbage humor.Fortunately, in the final minutes in the movie, there was a part that was so funny that in that part is the typical Inbetweeners humor that should have been featured in the entire movie. Also, I liked Will's classic witty voice-overs but both of the good things about the humor of this movie in this paragraph is not enough to save this mess.I hated how the Simon and Carly dilemma thing is the only way to make the movie's plot move. The Simon and Carly dilemma used to be a cute, funny running gag in the show but this movie shows it's a quite a problem. To see Simon from being one of my favorite characters in the show to the most annoying character in this movie is devastating. What's even more devastating is that Jay is more likable in this movie than Simon.As much as I really hated the plot, I liked how it ended. Without spoiling too much, let's just say it ended with a happy ending. Like really a happy ending where the boys got what they finally wanted.Even though it had its moments, The Inbetweeners Movie turns out to be a one huge fucking mess of a movie to one of British TV comedies' greatest gems.I won't see the sequel. I'll act as if this movie never happened. Instead, I will make my own version of what happened after the finale of the show. Simon never got to see Carly again and went off to Wales, Will goes to the university obviously, Mike marries the woman whom he had sex with and almost accidentally making her pregnant and Jay either becomes a male porn star or the British lad version of Barney Stinson.

Robert T (de) wrote: This made-for-TV mini-series was kind of similar to "The Odyssey," though I'm not that surprised, it did came from the same studio, Hallmark Entertainment, but somehow, the film was kind of off. I felt I was watching a badly made film with a badly acted cast. I was hoping the film could get at least a little better, but it kind of didn't. I have to be honest, I still prefer the Disney animated version of this attempt. The film's visuals and art direction were exciting, but the special effects were just sad. The film's cast was alright, nothing to rave about, but they at least fit the characters' description, so I have to give the film's some kudos for that.