Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy

A small-town crime boss accepts delivery of a stolen car, only to find there's a baby in the back-seat. He and his transgender wife cut out the boy's tongue and raise him as a mute accomplice in their crimes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James S (nl) wrote: This movie would have been a 5 star if it went the way of The Bear, and the animals didn't have dialogue.

Anna C (mx) wrote: A british eco comedy, which doesn't have much laughs, but a quite surprising bittersweet ending, which will make u change your mind about one of the main characters......

Domenica C (ca) wrote: I can't believe this was the opening film of the Olympia Film Festival years ago.

Matty E (nl) wrote: this movie is the rocky of hockey

Matt C (br) wrote: We're back with Steve Prefontaine again and really if you've seen 'Without Limits' you really don't need to watch this. It's alright but it's basically exactly the same film (apparently they came out at similar times). Decent enough.

Sage D (ru) wrote: OMG> I used to love this movie when i was little. HAHA but the other day i rented it and this movie was really retarded i came really close to finishing it but it was just so stupid.

Ivan B (ca) wrote: U pravilu skoro svaki film temeljen na prici Clivea Barkera koji on osobno ne rezira se masakrira i ispadne nevidjeno sranje, ali u ovom slucaju nije skroz tako. Irsko selo, idila, zeleni bregi i par poljoprivrednika pokusava iscupati neki drevni falusoidni poganski spomenik iz polja i tako bude poganskog boga koji izgleda ko neki zlikovac iz Power Rangersa koji kasnije okolo sije strah i jede ljude, a stvar ce spasiti tko drugi nego amer koji se igrom slucaja nasao u istom selu sa obitelji...Kolko sam vidio po recenzijama ga je dost ljudi skroz popljuvao ali meni je cist dobro sjeo.

Brad O (de) wrote: Chuck Norris and ass kicking

Orlok W (ag) wrote: A Spoof That Works After more than a Half Century--Brilliant Dry Humor!!

Timothy B (kr) wrote: classic Frank Capra movie about a small town man who inherits a fortune and decides to give it away. Great performances by Cooper and Arthur.

Katie R (mx) wrote: I have a long history with this movie. The first few times I saw it, I didn't like it. But the more I watched it, the more I started to really get it. Initially, I thought that the filmmakers were trying to paint this really messed up relationship as being healthy and wonderful in the end. But I slowly started to realize that wasn't the case at all. This is a movie about two people so damaged that the only way they know how to work is by hurting each other. It's pretty advanced stuff for 1931, and definitely something that would have been able to be made outside of the code. Really, looking at Garbo's filmography, she played some very complicated and messed up characters.

Gwenyth L (br) wrote: It made me laugh...but it was cheesy and horrible all at the same time...

William C (ca) wrote: It is a good continuation of the saga. It will have its moments when you think that this movie doesnt come close to the originals but it also has moments where it reaches those standards. I believe that the duel with Darth Maul is one of the best, if not the best, duels we have ever seen.

Matthew C (au) wrote: The unique visuals don't quite mix with the one dimensional characters, half-assed script, and slack pacing.