Sono hi no mae ni

Sono hi no mae ni


A successful illustrator, Hinohara Takehiro, lives a happy life with his wife Toshiko, who has supported him all these years since the early struggling days, and their two sons. Feeling unwell, Toshiko has a check up one day and is told, out of the blue, that her days are numbered. When Toshiko is allowed out of the hospital temporarily, Takehiro and Toshiko travel to Hamakaze station. The town has changed a great deal in 18 years, however, the apartment where they started their married life is still there. People and scenery they used to cherish and the invaluable memories come vividly through. Starting at the place where their life as a couple began, the two prepare for "the day" while cherishing their remaining time. During the Bon festival, when the spirits of the deceased are believed to return to the living, Takehiro takes his sons to the firework display at Hamakaze and see the smiling face of Toshiko. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian V (mx) wrote: I have to agree with the one critic's review. The movie holds your attention for the first half or so with some deft writing, but the "something magical" mentioned in the Movie Info above seemed less than plausible. The movie also goes for the easy ending, not unusual for a North American film but unusual for an "art" film destined for limited distribution. Not a terrible movie but it leaves you rolling your eyes towards the end.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Feels like a long special feature, but still an easy watch honoring a great film.

Cory A (kr) wrote: I found myself laughing a lot throughout this movie mostly because of the blatantly gratuitous sex and violence, but it wasn(TM)t nearly as clever or classy as a lot of other films in this genre. It was more entertaining in an eye rolling, this-is-ridic sort of way but lacked the sensibility of a Russ Meyer film which is clearly what this film was trying to be. It was watchable. I enjoyed it, but just barely.

Jared A (gb) wrote: It's so awful and yet, the few moments it does have are devastatingly funny.

Daniel G (ag) wrote: Very terrifying, and the sad part is this isn't some made up part dragon lizard. These creatures actually exist, so if you ever encounter one where they live, don't be stupid, their saliva really does kill you. Learn the facts about them, enjoy the movie, and learn something new when you can that won't hurt you. I will be looking for more of Michael Lantieri's movies directed. I recommend this to anyone that likes creepy films about strange big monster creatures.

James H (jp) wrote: A warm and wonderful film, imaginative, very well acted and excellent writing. Colin Firth is ideal in the role and does an excellent job. The period detail is fine. The cinematography, stes and costumes are all first rate. Entertaining, amusing and touching.

Sma A (br) wrote: I like Michael in this movie. I think he does a good job showing how crazy drug addicts are.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: I'd like to kill you but I haven't got time right now.A pilot sick of flying mission after mission seeks a psychiatrist to certify him insane so he can be sent home on disability leave. The psychiatrist tells him to keep flying missions. He does. We discover the pilot is a little unique, but he is very entertaining and he may fall in love in the process."I'm crazy.""Who says so?""Ask anyone."Mike Nichols, director of Charlie Wilson's War, Wolf, Birdcage, Biloxi Blues, Working Girl, Regarding Henry, The Graduate, and Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, delivers Catch-22. The storyline for this picture is interesting and fun to watch unfold. There is a great brand of comedy in this film and the acting is first rate. The cast includes Orson Welles, Martin Sheen, Anthony Perkins, Bob Newhart, Art Garfunkel, Alan Arkin, and Jon Voight."It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.""You have it backwards. It's better to live on your feet than die on your knees."I grabbed this film off Netflix because it starred Orson Welles and was highly rated. I'm not a huge war drama fan but this was more of a black comedy that made fun of war dramas. The premise was cool and the brand of comedy wasn't bad (but wasn't great). Overall, this is worth a viewing but is far from a classic."Get back in the car you smirking slut."Grade: B-