Sons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers

The son of a working-class British mining family has dreams of pursuing an art career, but when he strikes up an affair with an older woman from the town it enrages his jealous mother. (

Jack Cardiff received a 1960 Oscar Nomination as Best Director for this lush, engaging film starring Trevor Howard, Dean Stockwell and Donald Pleasence, which was adapted from D.H. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad J (es) wrote: Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen one of Ben Afleck's worst pictures throughout a stellar career. In less you are a mindless fan of poorly written murder mystery movies do not watch this DVD.

Toby E (mx) wrote: Insanely annoying characters but I couldn't stop watching it. Its not so much that its funny... but more strangely interesting.

Lihui C (gb) wrote: Bandslam works! The performances are great. The soundtrack is not at all cringeworthy, it's really good. The songs are not deep, just pure underground garage tunes. When we're lucky, the story explores some of the background lives of its main character which is kind of deep but fades like the songs

Perrine B (de) wrote: hihihi! ce n'est pas un film qui se pretend du grand art (loin de l), mais je me suis bien marree! un bon delire bien exagere

Yvonne A (kr) wrote: Alright movie, about a dysfunctional family & a young man who looses his virginity

Tim B (ca) wrote: Would not at all recommend for under 18. While possessing an interesting message about teen stupidity, this movie was outlandishly too dark to evoke emotion. Plus, Wilsona Ryder and Christian Slater are annoyingly superficial.

Ed G (ag) wrote: If you cycle, you understand

Private U (it) wrote: Love and death and Jean Simmons and Robert Mitchum.

Robin T (ag) wrote: Annette Bening delivers a strong performance as woman who is haunted by her decision many years ago to give her daughter up for adoption. She meets a man played by Jimmy Smits (remember him from LA Law?) who encourages her to search for her that starts her on a journey filled with emotional highs and lows. This movie is for big fans of Lifetime tear-jerker movies.

Brandon S (fr) wrote: Above average 80's horror film in which a woman that works in a used bookstore becomes stalked by the killer in the novel she is currently reading. Sounds weak but due to good direction and an okay cast with plenty of style make this one of the better horror flicks to come out of the 80's. Effective makeup on the killer always helps surprised that this never recieved a sequel.

Tara H (de) wrote: Andrea Arnold's first film, very good though not great like her follow-up, Fish Tank. I liked how Red Road plays with our expectations of heroes and villains.