Sons of the Clouds

Sons of the Clouds

A look at how colonization of the Western Sahara has left nearly nearly 200,000 people living in refugee camps.

A look at how colonization of the Western Sahara has left nearly nearly 200,000 people living in refugee camps. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (us) wrote: It has a few format problems and it might be predictable but I could see the point was the family and how they deal with it, their point of view was the focus, not the couple cuz they weren't the one with issues, It wouldn't kill either to work a little better in the main couple chemistry cuz I think it was missing. I love the parents cuz they were very "normal" to me, sticking to what they know, sometimes in our search for equality and freedom we forget that everyone is entitled to their opinion even when is not the same as ours or the better one. Many are saying is outdated but these issues as dumb they seem are still a big reality for families in many places and countries, I could see my own and many of my friends reflected in it (in a good day)... I might be a good way to came out if you have conservative parents and help them understand: "I'm just gonna play you this movie mom and dad XD"

Jenn M (it) wrote: Sadly this put me right to sleep