Soo: Revenge for a Twisted Fate

Soo: Revenge for a Twisted Fate

A Legendary assassin and a renowned problem solver,Soo has been searching for the twin brother he has not seen since their days in an orphanage. But his brother is murdered when he turns ...

A Legendary assassin and a renowned problem solver,Soo has been searching for the twin brother he has not seen since their days in an orphanage. But his brother is murdered when he turns ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Soo: Revenge for a Twisted Fate torrent reviews

Shaniah M (de) wrote: I love this movie it is hilarious! I wouldn't call it a horror movie..which me and my mom found it in that category...but as we kept watching it, it got funnier and funnier..i would TOTALLY recommend this movie to others.

Randy P (br) wrote: Really tedious, and not involving at all.

Adrian Z (gb) wrote: Tosar puts in a chilling performance as a building doorman who becomes fixated on making life unhappy for one of the tenants (Etura). Plodding at first, but as director Balaguero ratchets up the tension, the film becomes gripping and relentless.

Jordon J (br) wrote: It's just terrible don't waste your time. I say SKIP IT!!!

David B (ag) wrote: The campiness of this film is wonderfully funny and the double entendres cannot be ignored. Just absolutely hilarious

Brady P (mx) wrote: It may not be a classic but it still entertains like the previous ones.

Blake P (fr) wrote: "Eyes Wide Shut" is a film only Stanley Kubrick could make: uncompromising, enigmatically threatening, and ravishingly crafted. On a technical level, it is a masterpiece, presenting itself with high contrast photography, a precociously perverse score, and design of optimum artifice that you can't quite put your finger on. It has a lubricious way of burrowing deep under our skin, goosebumps materializing regularly for reasons we are never much able to express. But it is an auteur driven exploration that keeps us at a distance, its stylistic and story-based fundamentals riveting to watch but never to feel. At almost three hours in length, it oftentimes sags, the crawling pace meant to evoke a malevolent mood but putting us in a slumber that may result in more exciting of a dream than the nightmare the film's plot has to offer us. It is beautifully formulated, and clearly is the result of an artist who cares intensely about his work (the film took 400 days to shoot, the longest in history, and its release coincided with Kubrick's death). But who was it made for? It is too murky for the popcorn crowd, and too turgid for cinephiles. Maybe it's made for no one, more a chance for Kubrick to tauten his cinematic muscles than it is made to entertain. Yet there comes a point where we cease to be viewers, transformed into fatigued students touring an initially intriguing art gallery that steadily becomes tedious, our feet dragging as we contemplate moving forward. But one thing remains fascinating throughout "Eyes Wide Shut," and that is the acting, leading stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (married at the time) diving deep into roles that require them to be much more than machines of emotion. Here, they play Dr. William and Alice Harford, a wealthy young couple living in upper class New York with an elementary age daughter. Their relationship is solid, but is evidently nearing toward what we suspect to be a seven-year itch. This impression is crystalized when, one night, in a pot-scented siesta, Alice admits to contemplating having an affair with a naval officer during a Cape Cod vacation. A fight ensues, Bill taking to the streets to blow off steam. So begins a journey into an erotic labyrinth, where Bill is confronted by infidelity with fantastical know-how. The night climaxes with a terrifically shot sequence during which he spontaneously discovers a secret sexual society that acts upon their desires in a secluded manor, masks covering their true identities. But for the duration of his bewildering odyssey, he remains an observer, not a party to duplicity, and is thus existentially questioned - is he the man he thinks he is, and is his marriage as strong as he once thought it was? The end of the night will tell. "Eyes Wide Shut" is a movie that seems to be comprised of several independent scenes that don't necessarily link, solidarity somewhat cloudy but reinforcing of Kubrick's objective to create what I believe to be a hallucinatory world of lust. Some scenes work much better than others - the central orgy, in particular, radiates heart-thumping malice rather than provocation - but I never felt able to clasp the film as a complete entity, like an apparition floating through a candlelit hallway, passing through its inhabitants as if they don't exist themselves. It isn't a failure, more a breathtaking painting whose distinction lies in the eye of the beholder. But Kubrick's direction is something to cherish, everything feeling so enormous and lush that even a close-up of Kidman smoking, with her eyes all cried out, works as a torrent of magnificent filmmaking control; the actors, courageous, accost his vision with performances that stand as among their best. So while I may not be associated with the handful of those who believe "Eyes Wide Shut" is a misconceived masterpiece, don't come to the conclusion that I don't admire its craftsmanship.

Raquel O (ru) wrote: One of my favorite older movies.

Dan G (nl) wrote: I thought Frank Sinatra wasn't that gangsta in this movie.. McQueen stole the show with that one scene beating the shit out of those MPs and driving off like it was nothing, that was much more gangsta than leaving your wife with a kid on the way for some gold digging whore from Burma, shit, I can't even place Burma on a map in my head right now.. near China and Vietnam maybe? who really cares ..

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Really enjoyed both this and Planet Terror. Now I need to see them back to back

Tom H (au) wrote: 22.04.2013,05.06.2016For some reason i just love this movie as one of my all time favorite Clint Eastwood films. i just think it is awesome seeing him in action as a strict authority figure playing by his own rules.