Malayalam musical action drama film directed by V. M. Vinu.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
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Sooryan torrent reviews

Jack P (ca) wrote: A funny film about a man who has a conflicting history of cultures in his family. Pokes harmless fun at the bitterness between religions, Omid Djalil plays his part well and supplies a great deal of comedy and wit. All in all a strange feel good film that is both hilarious and entertaining.

Nick D (us) wrote: This movie looks so good i want to shit myself.

David U (it) wrote: William H. Macy is definitely the right person for this role, and he's great in it. Unfortunately the bulk of the movie is just inane ranting.

Tibor P (es) wrote: Kifejezetten a szmtgpes jtk rajongknak ksztett alkots. Amit?l nekik tetszett a film, valszn?leg nekem pont attl nem. Inkbb hivalkod ltvnyorgia, minimlis trtnettel s nulla sznszi jtkkal, mint hideglel?s horror. Annyira ellenszenves minden szerepl?, hogy nekem tkmindegy volt ki pusztul el s ki marad letben.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Campy, comedic horror. I hope this is supposed to be a spoof of the genre. If not...oh boy.

Andrea C (es) wrote: Possibly the dumbest movie ever made. It fills me with unfathomable joy.

Tathagata G (mx) wrote: The Best Entertainer

Jeremy P (fr) wrote: Ok it's not that new. Try 1980, with a couple of my favorite actors, Fu Sheng and Ku Feng. A little annoyed at the dvd. Nice looking widescreen picture, but, not anamorphic! Really heavy on the drama in the last half hour, but it's actually quite well acted. An absolutely crazy scene happens about halfway in. A dancer recalls a compliment, that a man said he really liked her legs. Thought it was taking some kind of pervy comedic turn, until she cuts off one of her legs - his favorite one - and gives it to him in a moment of desperation. Wow, won't forget that one anytime soon.

Jian G (ag) wrote: Coppola's epic masterpiece is a Vietnam War version of Conrad's classic Heart of Darkness, Apocalypse Now is a frightening and incredible odyssey into the darkness of the human soul. Captain Willard is assigned a classified mission to travel up the Nung River in order to assassinate renegade Col. Kurtz who has gone insane, further drifting away from human rationale the further his crew drifts upstream. Breathtaking sequences with engrossing and awe-inspiring cinematography pre-dating Avatar redeem the film's murky and rather weak ending.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Hammer's horror swansong--Hammer's final horror film!!

Mark M (br) wrote: Yea, I think Disney dropped the ball on this film.

Darren W (ag) wrote: It made her cry - 3.5 tissues

Ryan T (ag) wrote: A movie that will make you appreciate the hardships of the president and still make you feel good. Kline, Weaver, and Langella all play their parts in creating a comedy that still has enough of a Washington feel.

Robbie N (ru) wrote: Nothing compared to the books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is definitely worst than expected. No offense to Zachary Gordon or Robert Capron, but neither can act very well. Some funny scenes here and there, but not a good movie overall, and definitely a disappointment.

Mark M (us) wrote: As the creator of the slasher Hatchet franchise, Adam Green's Digging Up the Marrow has him both creating an intriguing premise, while also squandering it at the same time. Filmed in the style of a faux documentary - or semantically, a mockumentary -, the Marrow's meta-premise has Green playing himself, along with his real life acquaintances and collaborators - who also play themselves -, such as stuntman Kane Hodder and cinematographer Will Barratt, as Green attempts to document Dekker's life and claims of a world of monsters that co-exist alongside humans in secrecy within a labyrinthine network that runs beneath the human world that Dekker coins as "The Marrow".Very much a creature feature, the Marrow is a slow-burn experience that primarily consists of interactions between Green, his cameraman Barratt and Dekker - along with others in Green's personal and professional life - as the duo attempt to dig out information from Dekker whilst also hoping to capture live footage of said monsters. Spurred on by his childhood fascination with monsters, 'Green' puts his - and Barratt's - professional life on hold as he slowly plunges into the eccentric, yet colorful rambling by Dekker - played excellently by character actor Ray Wise - about different looking monsters such as one with an umbrella for a head and a seductive hour glass-shaped human body.Less frightening than it is atmospheric, and with the help of artist Alex Pardee, Green constructs a compelling fictional world that challenges the notion of the existence of monsters by intertwining their origin with humans, birth and social stigma, as Pardee's imaginative and unique creature designs are implemented with the images that Dekker presents to his curious yet wary interviewers as a form of 'proof'.Though the world-building that Green constructs works really well in piquing the interest of the viewer - as they too are just as wary as Green and Barratt over Dekker's claims - on whether said monster world actually exists despite the vivid hand-drawn pictures pinned on the walls of the ex-detective's home, the Marrow is otherwise an experience that doesn't really pay off due to the baffling ending and fluctuations in its tone as a horror movie involving monsters. One moment Digging Up the Marrow flares with potential from the dread of the unfathomable unknown stemming from both the performance of the veteran Ray Wise and its premise, and another moment the movie meanders as Green attempts to justify his reasoning for putting his career on hold in exchange for monster hunting in dull exchanges of dialogue with secondary 'characters'.

Cassandra H (it) wrote: best movies ever.lily is perfect.

Guimo P (br) wrote: Manglehorn is a lukewarm character study of a man full of anger and regrets. Foggy at the beginning, the film manages to grab hold its elements and piece them rightfully. However, a less playful means of storytelling may have created more rounded characters and more natural sequence of events and conversations.

Orlok W (br) wrote: PG Pam Grier equals big yawn--Pam Grier Lite!!