To maintain his powers, the evil wizard Traigon must sacrifice his firstborn child to the god Caligara. His wife, however, has other ideas and runs away after giving birth with her twin daughters. Before dying, she hands the girls over to the warrior Krona who promises to raise them as great soldiers. Twenty years later, Traigon returns and begins hunting down his daughters once again. Will the twins, with the help of the Barbarian Erlik and the Viking Baldar, be able to defeat their father?

The film tells the sword and sorcery story of the cosmic struggle between white magic and black magic, following twins blessed with the forces of light and strength given to them by the magical warrior Krona as they take down their father and avenge their mother's death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sorceress torrent reviews

Eric H (au) wrote: This movie did not get much screen time and no publicity and so very few people have heard of it. But it is actually a true story. There were these two whack jobs who robbed and humiliated the mafiosi at their recreational clubs. As to be expected, it does not end well for the intrepid pair. How and why anyone would decide to do something as harebrained as hitting on some of the most dangerous felons in the world is a story worth telling and watching.The performances were decent. It was evident that everyone involved in this project thought that it was a movie worth their time and effort.

Nathan M (fr) wrote: Here and there you get a few insights into the mind of an American legend, as well as some moments of depth, #thelostinterview is worth watching, but not quite the essential Jobs film that we need.

Steve C (nl) wrote: Better than it had any right being. Best thing Ive ever seen Kevin James do.

Jacob P (au) wrote: I saw this movie on Chiller, not a horror. It's not that good either. From random sequences of burning buildings to talking fish, this film fails to be a successful film or even a drama film.

Sandra M (nl) wrote: Glued to this movie from start to finish. Great acting, mature writing and fascinating story. Loved it.

michiel s (ag) wrote: one of the best movies baest on a true story

Paul D (fr) wrote: A very good action/spy adventure, it would have been better save for its heavy-handed ending.

Anthony S (ag) wrote: A fascinating subject and story is turned into a dull and unfocused film. The start of Roland Joffe's downfall.

Pj K (ca) wrote: one of my new favorites

Roman R (es) wrote: "Black Narcissus" es una extraa pelicula. El subtexto se filtra de manera poco sutil y su inicio convencional se transforma radicalmente bajo su linea de erotismo, locura y supersticin. La historia se enfoca en un grupo de monjas dedicadas a adaptar un monasterio en los Himalayas en una escuela y hospital, a pesar de no contar con experiencia ni un entendimiento claro de la gente que vive en los alrededores. "Black Narcissus" es visualmente espectacular (bajo el glorioso proceso Technicolor) y cuenta con estupendas actuaciones (especialmente de Deborak Kerr). A pesar de ser inconsistente con su trama, es una fascinante pelicula.

Lee M (ag) wrote: Working from a fact-based screenplay by his longtime collaborator Paul Laverty, Loach addresses a theme that resonates throughout his work: the effect of the political on the personal.

Federico F (ca) wrote: Epic and monumental for all Tolkien fans. A company managed by the whole crew, from the director, the cast, the production, not counting the smallest detail on the sets