Sordid Things

Sordid Things

A wealthy couple hires their cousin to be the surrogate for the child they are unable to have on their own, but chaos ensues when the woman holds the baby hostage for ransom. In this ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
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A wealthy couple hires their cousin to be the surrogate for the child they are unable to have on their own, but chaos ensues when the woman holds the baby hostage for ransom. In this ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sordid Things torrent reviews

Lamar D (br) wrote: it was ok. not all that funny

Merry J (us) wrote: This was fun and enjoyable to watch. I rented this from the VUDU app and I liked the stories.

neil L (ag) wrote: I liked the car crash scenes but I hated the annoying girls chatting that takes up 90% of the movie

Pam R (ca) wrote: the only reason i thought it was remotely good was due to Paul Rudd! his humor as he tries to woo Michelle Pfeiffer makes the movie.

Omar H (es) wrote: for the 4 out of 10 ppl that stick it out to the end despite the super slow pace.. extremely moving.

Brian S (it) wrote: It ran a bit too long, but it was very eye-opening. (What a vapid sentence. You can tell that I need to take a shower and get to bed when that's all I can say about a massively meaningful and powerful movie like this.)

RJohn X (jp) wrote: the failure of the supernatural.

Kevin C (jp) wrote: Movie night with Iris. Essentially freestyle Williams. The plot is wafer thin, and it doesn't really criticise the US being in Vietnam. But you're watching it for Williams at his peak and the 60s soundtrack aren't you.

Kris W (fr) wrote: 'You gotta' believe... You gotta' have faith... But first, you gotta' get rid of the witnesses!' 'The family that stays together slays together!' Roger Corman movie featuring a very young Robert De Niro and Bruce Dern

m h (fr) wrote: It was cute. Audrey Hepburn was adorable and I enjoyed her dancing. Fred Astaire was charming and they had great chemistry together. I know that Audrey was dubbed in "My Fair Lady" but Im not so sure here. Her singing wasn't great. Not terrible, but in reality she shouldnt have been picked for a musical. However, she's a wonderful dancer and the film is worth a watch just for the dance numbers. The songs were catchy. Though, I didnt care much for the dancing that went with some of them. They felt a bit contrived and too "broadway-esque". It was a bit been there and done that. The solo dance numbers by Audrey and Fred were MUCH better. Overall, I enjoyed it. But its not my favourite Audrey film.

Harpreet S (mx) wrote: In 1963, Jean-Luc Godard named Nicholas Ray's "Bigger Than Life" one of the ten best films ever made; Ray was famous for his vivid use of color but I think his black & white "Bitter Victory" is still the best. More importantly, all four of his films are closely knit in terms of quality, one isn't a lot better than the other, he was very consistent in producing good films of variety, if not great ones. "Bigger Than Life" is about a schoolteacher named Ed Avery (James Mason) who seems to be having various pains from time to time, at one point he even suffers a blackout, the doctors prescribe him an experimental drug named cortisone because he is told he only has few months to live. From there on Ray shows us what it's like to be in the shoes of a man who is facing addiction and possible mental illness. He is also a family man with a wife and a son and part of the story concerns how financial limitations affect their livelihood; one of the film's very best scenes is of Ed flamboyantly taking his wife and son to a high class clothing store where he makes her wife try out various expensive dresses. I haven't seen a lot of James Mason, but this is easily his best work, he is terrific as the neurotic father and husband. I was a little disappointed with the conclusion; it's a good ending to a very fine film, but I wanted a little bit more. What I really appreciated is the mood Ray creates in a single setting; the story is really about family and togetherness, however there are instances where it feels very eerie, it makes you think twice as to what's going to happen next, it's a little bit Hitchcockian in that regard.

Chris V (ag) wrote: One of the better Burt Reynolds movies I've seen. It's Burt playig Dirty Harry, with all the violence to boot. Good times.

Andy S (it) wrote: One of my top favorite comedy movies. It's got it all and it's fricking hilarious.

Michael M (nl) wrote: Reminds us of how easily we can become prisoners of our own roles and contexts. A fitting lesson in our current climate.