A deep tragedy leaves a young mother in a state of despair where the lines between dreams and reality are edged out.

A deep tragedy leaves a mourning mother in a state of despair where the lines between dreams and reality are edged out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MingWei W (it) wrote: Nothing but excitement. Kung-Fu movie made with a twist. Great action, beautiful girls...

The Movie W (au) wrote: The best I can say about this godawful Norwegian slasher is that it looks a lot more expensive than the paltry $5000 spent on it. Having said that, low budget film-makers in Scandinavia have an advantage in that the incredible scenery adds instant production value. Plus their actresses are probably easier to persuade into taking their tops off than most. This one has literally no plot and the cast all fail in pulling off American accents. Avoid.

Gina W (br) wrote: Richard Gere was very good in this thriller of a man's world colliding when he is about to be charged with fraud.

Julieta B (jp) wrote: I like the other two SW stories better but still I enjoyed watching this one. I didn't like the ending, or course, but I think having written so many lesbian characters it's not that bad that she chose to give these two a "tragic" ending. Can't wait to read the book!

Tim R (au) wrote: It had its moments, but it went away from what I loved about the show, and it got REALLY vulgar. I haven't seen that much R material in a while.

Chris O (ag) wrote: Sucked really really bad

Reiyan B (br) wrote: I've seen a lot of bad zombies movies in my time and The Dead Next Door seemed no different. Besides a couple of laughs like a video store clerk having a couple classic zombie movies put in front of him and then attacked by the zombies that picked them out, nothing seemed too exciting. But by the end I was surprised that I actually liked it for its makeup gore, robotic zombie scenes, and the story.

Thomas T (nl) wrote: With all his nasal snivelling and pathetic hang dog expressions, Nic Cage nearly derails what is otherwise an enjoyable nostalgia-fuelled, fantasy rom-drama. Kathleen Turner reminds us of her under appreciated talent and carries this movie with the weight of Cage's Razzy deserving performance pulling her down.

Jeremy P (au) wrote: Did more to feed my phobia of rats than Stephen King's Graveyard Shift.

Andrew P (br) wrote: What the hell? No, seriously, what the hell?