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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1970
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Sorgam torrent reviews

Eduardo S (au) wrote: Muy buen documental, muy original y entretenido.

John Eric D (kr) wrote: From the cover of it, I was thinking this is as bad as it can get. Though I'm a little bit surprise bout its execution especially when the action heats up. The main protagonist struggles a lot in this film just to save his son. The main attraction that gets me up is the fighting scenes. It 's more realistic and well choreograph with all those shaky camera angles that heats up the action more. There might be some plot confusion. But thinking a well made French thriller bout a "father saves son" thing is humane enough for an action thriller like this.

John B (ca) wrote: it was ok overall and nice story, but, just didn't play out as well as it could have and dragged some

Jennifer R (it) wrote: it's alright, super simple, not much of story. a little holey s well. after the they introduced nikki reed's character they kind of forgot about her.

Stanislav P (mx) wrote: a tak kusok ustrel, ale pozerat sa to dalo, a fajn obsadenie herecke

Jason E (fr) wrote: great cast, Joan Plowright is excellent, I love the optimism that emerges in this story and the slow, but positive changes that transform the characters.

Tom H (de) wrote: A not very good time travel movie with a ridiculous looking year ca 3000 in it. The film"s premise is actually good, but the execution of it was below par. A fun watch if you're in a particular mood.

Roman R (es) wrote: "3 Women", del gran Robert Altman, contiene un poder indescriptible que se manifiesta casi desde sus primeras escenas. Aun cuando Altman retrata lo mundano, existe un aire de misterio involucrando a sus protagonistas (en especial con el personaje de Pinky quien se obsesiona con Millie, aunque toda su vida sea una pose y nadie mas la quiera). La cinta se torna surreal y sus ultimas escenas nos brindan un significado aun mas abstracto de su relacion (y aun no he mencionado a la tercera mujer Willie, una artista embarazada que vive casi en eterno silencio). "3 Women" es una extraordinaria pelcula que funge casi como un sueo en el cine. Con estupendas actuaciones y personajes inolvidables, es otro clasico de Robert Altman. Sumamente recomendable.

Sjwaria L (gb) wrote: What bothered me the most was the emotionless characters, so either the actors played poorly, the director failed on this level, or the movie just didn't gave any context for such character personalities, other than that we have killing robots missing easy shots all the time, 30mm autocannon sounds for the robot weapons but the bullets behave like your regular 5.56mm, and a few other details.Other than this, it wasn't a bad movie.