Sorry Baby

Sorry Baby

The film tells of the attempts made by a Beijing van driver (Ge You) to obtain his wage arrears from travel agency boss (Fu Biao) - even to the point of kidnapping the latter's Singaporean girlfriend (Jacklyn Wu).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
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The film tells of the attempts made by a Beijing van driver (Ge You) to obtain his wage arrears from travel agency boss (Fu Biao) - even to the point of kidnapping the latter's Singaporean girlfriend (Jacklyn Wu). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (kr) wrote: Visually good but rather blank in the narrative itself.

Another V (us) wrote: For the most part I liked it, but, for me, the violence was a little over the top here and there. Almost too much shooting and explosions for my personal taste. Lot of bangs.The coming together of some great classic action heroes was fun to see. The meeting in a church of 3 big action heroes with long successful careers is a classic moment. The bad guys are despicably bad. A girl needs saving. A bunch of classic heroes get their fair share of badass action fighting scenes. Bad guys pay their dues.One thing I didn't like, and this is just me, was too much blanket firing and big explosions, where I didn't feel sure that people who deserved to live weren't going down in some of that fire.Some of those soldiers may have had no choice but to work for an evil dictator. Just a thought.

Harry W (fr) wrote: Though hardly a fan of romantic comedies, the popularity of The Five-Year Engagement and role of Jason Segel in the lead was enough to justify my viewing.From the beginning of The Five-Year Engagement, I found no concern in focusing on the story. I expected another predictable, routine romantic comedy. I must say I found myself pleasantly surprised by the final product since it is a way better example of how to make a film from that genre. The title of the film suggests there will be focus on a prolonged relationship, yet it was easy to get lost in the film and forget about its title. Since it is more focused on making viewers laugh, those who appreciate its virtues will find themselves caught up in the moment and enjoy the lighthearted nature of the experience. The Five-Year Engagement moves along at a slow pace. Interested in building actual characters and emotions in its premise, The Five-Year Engagement progressively works to make sure that viewers genuinely care about the characters. A big part of this comes from the fact that the film depicts characters being funny in normal situations as well as the outlandish ones. Too many romantic comedies end up descending into dramatic cliches and forget to deliver sufficient laughs to viewers, yet The Five-Year Engagement detracts from its romantic-comedy roots with an unexpected abundance of genuinely ridiculous humour. Coming from unexpected directions and a largely talented cast, The Five-Year Engagement is cleverly able to wring comedy out of the reality in its premise and the cleverness of its screenplay as well as its large variety of energetic characters which really makes it a treat to watch.Yet despite the humour in The Five-Year Engagement, it actually has some genuine drama. When I say genuine, I mean far from melodramatic yet not cheesy with its sentimentalities. The relationship depicted in The Five-Year Engagement is a very realistic one. In love, people make sacrifices for each other, yet often the passion two people share is not enough to constitute giving up on one's hopes and dreams to be with someone they want. The message in this sentiment is that love doesn't conquer all as it is not some kind of miracle cure but an emotional bond built upon the structural basis of conflict resolution and genuine trust among other things. The main characters both falter at times as neither of them are perfect just as neither are solely responsible for the majority of the flaws, depicting an even-sided relationship which is far more realistic than the standard for romantic comedy films promotes. The Five-Year Engagement is one of the most realistic depictions of an actual relationship I have ever seen in a major Hollywood film, and the fact that it is able to balance realism with genuine comedy so naturally is excellent. Even though the film succumbs to a cliche ending, the majority of the story cleverly manipulates things so that it isn't fully clear to viewers that it will ultimately conclude at this point. It is a little frustrating that it still ends there, but it doesn't take away from the value built from the rest of the story. Occasionally there is a sense that the story stretches its material on for too long. The film is an entertaining one, but since it moves along at a slow pace the fact that it ends up stretching its material beyond two hours decreases the overall effect of the humour and pushes for a more dramatic edge at times. And since the film easily distracts from its main plot to find humour in all kinds of other different scenarios, there is a feeling that it can be rather scattershot at times. But regardless of the pace or the tone of the mood, the cast in The Five-Year Engagement are consistently perfect.Jason Segel leads himself through his own material with brilliant ease. Maintaining the same charming elements fans have come to love about him without copying too much of any other character, Jason Segel makes a genuinely likable lead for his depiction of sympathetic emotion while also having bursts of hilarious spirit. His natural charisma creates a believable character who audiences can easily connect to, maintaining a strong sympathetic edge the entire time which he is able to play to both comedic and dramatic benefit. Jason Segel is a perfect lead for The Five-Year Engagement and brings the material to life with ideal thematic focus.But it is Chris Pratt who is the best cast member in The Five-Year Engagement. Around for all the film's best scenes and none of its worst, Chris Pratt is nothing short of comic brilliance every second he is on screen. Using is organic persona every waking moment while injecting enough energy to go into momentarily ridiculous territory, Chris Pratt is never short on life. He bounces off every character he interacts with and just steals the screen no matter who he is up against. Chris Pratt is a perfect addition to the cast in The Five-Year Engagement, rich with unstoppable comic life.Emily Blunt is also a great lead. With a naturally charming spirit to her, Emily Blunt is able to share a very lovely chemistry with Jason Segel. There is a lot of passion between the two which evokes both comic and dramatic flair, bringing the relationship to life. Though she is predominantly a dramatic character more than anything, Emily Blunt is able to leave audiences really feeling touched by her gentle spirit. Her character always has the best intentions and faces the drama of natural human error, evoking a convincing emotional situation with the etiquette of her line delivery and her physical state. Emily Blunt works beautifully alongside Jason Segel.Allison Brie delivers a delightful performance. Easily stepping out of the shoes of her character Annie Edison from the hilarious sitcom Community, Allison Brie delivers a very charming effort in The Five-Year Engagement. As well as evoking a genuinely friendly and likable persona, Allison Brie manages to use some loud emotion to push herself into comedic territory as well while being able to oscillate between the humour and drama with ease. Allison Brie's transition to the cinematic screen proves that her comedic touch works in a variety of characters, and she stands out very well amid the large cast of talent.The supporting efforts of Randall Park and Kevin Hart are also pure comic gold every time they appear, and Mindy Kaling brings likability along.So The Five-Year Engagement is a long and slow film, but it is a touching drama with a realistic depiction of relationships and plenty of hilarious comedy to make viewers think and laugh all while enjoying some brilliant performances.

Anna G (es) wrote: Gave it twenty minutes. Had a couple funny moments, but not enough to carry me.

Jim F (nl) wrote: Like watching Police Acadamy without the jokes

Luke T (br) wrote: In this crime thriller directed by Spike Lee, a drug dealer embarks on one last night out before beginning a seven-year prison sentence. Edward Norton gives a very good performance as the man who will make the very most of the time he has left of his freedom before embarking on the jail terms.He is absolutely determined to spend time with his pals, with good support being offered from Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Barry Pepper, while making some time with his girlfriend, played by Rosario Dawson.The acting from all the cast is good and the direction from Lee is very solid. Norton gives the best performance without any doubt, but there is one scene in the film which can be very offensive where Norton rants in his bathroom, so I do have to criticize the screenplay written by David Benioff. However despite this one scene and having a lot of bad language, the script is well written as you can understand what is happening.The dramatic moments keep you on the edge-of-your-seat from the moment the movie gets going and Norton proved that his performance in American History X was definitely not a one-off, as he would now definitely become one actor to look out for in the future.Despite the horrible bad language, there are scenes which keep you on the edge-of-your-seat and it's one decent little movie with Norton on top form.

Conrad T (br) wrote: A story sadder than Les Miserables.

Tim O (ca) wrote: Every Christian needs to see this movie.

Ellie D (ca) wrote: Ed Harris did a great job, and this is one of my favorite King stories.

Tim H (ca) wrote: Julian Sands rules the show in an otherwise worthless little flick.

Hardy H (gb) wrote: Not as good as i remembered it to be, which is expected. The running around the battleship is still kinda fun, but action wasn't nearly as good as i thought. However, it is still watchable. Not a lot of action films from back then can call themselves that.... (I wish i havn't watched Bloodsport again... it was darn awful). This probably is his best (i knowthat doesn't really say a lot), featuring Steven Seagal at the pinnacle of his career. The thing is after watching it again, the lead could've been anyone. Or maybe not, he's the freaking STEVEN SEAGAL man!.... how did he get famous again?

Jessica L (ca) wrote: Bob Fosse is such a god. He choreographed the movement and dance numbers which are fantastic. I wasn't too fond of Shirley Maclaine. She's good, but her character remained on the same level throughout for the most part. Love the camera angles and lighting used to tell the store effectively.

Tausha M (us) wrote: Bette really shows her diversity and range in this film.

Daniel N (ru) wrote: The 1st half of Sunrise directed by FW Murnau is one of the greatest films of all-time. There was a moment during the film that I said to myself, wow This is Better Than Citizen Kane. *Spoilers* The story loses focus when the genre switches into a comedy and change-shifts musical genres. Nature as a conflict is not foreshadowed, and several insert shots could of saved the Unity and cohesiveness of the plot/story. A weapon was inserted and never used by the end, which is a disappointment. (in fact, this scene caused a loss of empathy on the protagonist 10fold) There are some incredibly beautiful shots in this film, some of the best I've ever seen, and much much better than the cover. In fact, some of the couple close-ups could be posted on a "History of Cinema" book and it would be worthy of iconic stature. Once again, sorry to repeat myself but some of the Close-ups could of replaced this cover. And that is another mistake this film makes. It repeats itself too often and Happiness done twice within a film gets redundant. The Photoshoot scene could of been removed, and they could of cut to the Party/Carnival scenes in order to create contrast with the previous Barbershop scenes and the film would of benefited greatly. The restaurant scene is one of the best music-score-to-picture scenes I have ever witnessed. The Church wedding scene suffers from over-crying syndrome (which is when the actor weeps and then the audience becomes emotionally distant from the occurrence and events). I was praying for more close-ups at the end of the film, as the intensity skyrockets, and I even prayed for the foreshadowed weapon to be utilized again. I wish Murnau brought back some of the beautiful introduction shots/locations to balance the ending, and I could feel the lack of confidence in his final Close-up shots, in which the couple is off-centered in the frame. How strange! Once again, the 1st half of the film is one of the best cinematic experiences I have encountered. Gripping, powerful, and interesting in concept. Unfocused plot-line, and lack of goal/motivations/cohesiveness are the weaknesses. I feel like Murnau could be one of the greatest filmmakers of all-time if it weren't for his weaknesses. Seems to be a common occurrence among influential directors which makes me sad. :(Added Thoughts: The music in the restaurant scene is the high point of the film imo, and all musical genres/themes could of been based off that one scene alone. That is how powerful it is. Also, the transitions and journeys from Boat to Train to City etc. was incredibly moving and powerful. I loved the song played there.

Beverly H (kr) wrote: I love these guys but not this movie

Em W (fr) wrote: I've seen parts of this movie