Sorry Bhai!

Sorry Bhai!

While attending his brother's wedding, a Scientist falls for the bride.

While attending his brother's wedding, a Scientist falls for the bride. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blair K (de) wrote: was expecting so much more with this one... the plot sounded wild but it never really goes anywhere :/ the acting is really bad and the mutants is just bad makeup with cheesy green glowing eyes. the mutants should of been scary skin falling off or just something!

romina v (it) wrote: Dolphin Tale 2 is a must see.I've watched it over a hundred times! It's a movie based on a true story that has a meaning to it,it makes you think what why are we polluting the ocean all we're doing is harming the beautiful animals that live in it same goes for the land animals to.What can we do to make a difference?Think about it.But overall no hard feelings but I thought Dolphin Tale 1 was the best but I still watch both thanks for reading!

Prasthowo Y (kr) wrote: for those who like band of brothers

Torion O (mx) wrote: Like Jim Carrey humor? Watch this.

Alvaro A (it) wrote: This is not only the best animate vampire movie, but the best vampire movie in general !!!

Alfredo S (us) wrote: A sold-out insult to the original Looney Tunes cartoon

Private U (ag) wrote: I'm pretty sure she hid microfilm in her lady parts... Or I was when I was nine.

alex I (ag) wrote: Directed by Yu Wang [color=Cyan][u]MPAA[/u][/color]:R(strong martial arts violence.) Wow, this movie was a dream come true for me. It had everything I wanted in a martial arts movie; inventive fight sequences, superb music, kick-ass characters, a strong story, and something I didn't expext was one of the most stylish and unique weapons in film history. The notorious Flying Guillotine! [center] [/center] The weapon is self-explanatory. It's a chained birdcage looking weapon that has razor sharp edges and the master of the weapon hurls it around until it captures his victims head, decapitating the poor soul. The master of the flying guillotine is an old blind man seeking revenge on a guy named the "one armed boxer". But there's much more to this meaningful story that I don't want to give away. The vengeance takes place during and after one awesome fighting tournament. During that tournament I saw how much inspiration video games like [i]Street Fighter[/i] and [i]Mortal Kombat[/i] got from this film. There's a particular fighter that can extend his arms, a lot of the deaths are very gory, and one of the fights from the tournament includes an arena with spikes. The climax of the movie with the blind master and the one armed boxer was truly incredible. It was just amazing to see these two men with disabilities go at it, as if they were just like everyone else. Its hard to say who the villain of this movie is, its definitely not the one armed boxer and the master, well, he's pretty cool and at the end I felt sorry for him. I really admired this film for giving us a hard time on what character were supposed to root for. [center] [/center] You have to understand the genre in order to love this like I did. Some may not like the sounds, or even some of the music. I thought the music was exquisite in helping to present some of the mythic themes and the unforgettable characters. It also helped during those long and bloody fights. This is a must see for the fans of the genre, its highly entertaining, and already of my favorite marial arts movies. [size=4][color=Orange]9.5/10[/color][/size] [b][color=Yellow] Fact: Both Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson single out "Master" as one of their favorite films.[/color][/b] Interesting?

Leon W (au) wrote: Dire, not sure why I watched it

Scott S (kr) wrote: Can't believe I never saw this before now...WOW.

Stephen C (nl) wrote: its ok...its a hack slash movie

Ian C (au) wrote: What is not to love about this. it is morally wrong on so many levels. It has a bum melting into a toilet, a baddie who's main weapon of choice is a human bone, necrophilia, hillarious Vietnam flashback scenes and a cock been ripped off and used in a game of catch. Horror comedy at its best.