The landlubber Stig-Helmer and his Norwegian friend Ole get on a barge by mistake. They arrive at an archipelago and have to spend Midsummer among the fancy rich boat people, their yachts and summer houses.

The landlubber Stig-Helmer and his Norwegian friend Ole get on a barge by mistake. They arrive to an island in the archipelago and have to spend Midsummer among the fancy rich people, their... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Florin P (gb) wrote: A good film about Kennedy's assassination and it's not a big Hollywood production.

Bill S (it) wrote: Movie started Ok, then suspense, then boredom , then at last and least a good explanation for a twist but good ending. watch while doing bills or something

Mohd S (br) wrote: It is really disappointing movie.

Logan M (us) wrote: Decent movie. There were a lot of things recycled from the older Spider-Man series. Not Marvel's best, but still alright

JH K (nl) wrote: Buen cine pero, insustancial. En cualquier caso, merece la pena solo por la actuacin de Ryan Gosling.

FRED P (es) wrote: A film that is better as the basis for a discussion of suicide than to watch as a movie.

Vicki P (es) wrote: Young Nicolas Cage and Sean Penn portray friends about to go to War. Themes of friendship and new relationships. Also, Crispin Glover (George McFly from Back to the Future) is in this movie. Good acting, good directing. Love the era. (lots of cursing - not for kids)

Erick F (ru) wrote: Andy Warhol being weird again. But fuck this movie is gripping. It feels like such a real documentary but then it takes you into such awkward moments in this guy's life. This film doesn't get enough praise. Joe Dallesandro should of had a career after this film. This whole film is awesome because it is about a junkie who needs to raise money to pay for an abortion. This film is filled with weird rich people, transsexuals, and oral sex. I love anything from this era of the United States also so it gets extra points for that. Good like weird pretentious film. Great Concept Great Execution!

L Chase S (es) wrote: Kind of a "Pillow Talk" B-sides, except Rock Hudson isn't a gay man playing a straight man pretending to be gay to win Doris Day's heart, he just IS very gay. He and Tony Randall sport matching beards and end up lookin' like a couple of cuddly bears. Or a bear and cub? either way, very cute and with undeniable chemistry that's way more fun to watch than that between Hudson and Day. I partly expected them to take off on a bachelors' retreat to a small woodsy cabin, a la "Lover Come Brokeback," although that might have ventured too far from the light comedy genre. Don't get yr hopes up tho; as with Pillowtalk etc this movie is determined to see a union between an outraged/scandalized day and cool/macho hudson & the ending is ultimately improbable/absurd.

Tom B (es) wrote: I love Ruth Chatterton. This reminded me of Mizoguchi's fallen women films, stories of women maligned by a society that judges and condemns. Chatterton of course, and Wellman, underscore the humanity of Chatterton's character. We loved the story, and the fabulous-looking footage. The effects of the quake were quite compelling, and with the temperature rising in our humble abode, and memories of the recent quake in this region still fresh, it was exciting to watch.

p b (jp) wrote: Well I never did like these, but this is one of the better ones. A little more of a story than usual.

Martin G (it) wrote: A bit mediocre especially towards the end.

T Gregory K (us) wrote: If you're a fan of B-Movies, this is what the doctor ordered! Awful acting. Terrible plot line. Zero character development. Old wrestlers. Awkward conversations. Lighting that should make everyone cringe.It's got it all.