SOS: Summer of Suspense

SOS: Summer of Suspense

Marit found a sea lion-baby and the got friends, on one day she looked for the sea lion she found a packet of drugs.

Marit found a sea lion-baby and the got friends, on one day she looked for the sea lion she found a packet of drugs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg A (ca) wrote: A message that must be told in an entertaining package.

Francisco L (gb) wrote: With a dull script, but some scary jumpscares, The Return is a good example of a failed attempt of make a clever movie and instead that, it was made a cliched and unoriginal movie which brings out the worst of, once talented, Sarah gellar and a boring and over-exploited narrative in this genre.

Nawarat E (br) wrote: Wasted of time basically!

Ollie W (kr) wrote: It shouldn't come as a great surprise that a low budget cage fighting prison drama like Daniel Zirilli's Locked Down is misogynistic, gratuitously violent, terribly cast and shot with the technical skill of a poor 80's music video. However, what is surprising is that Schiena and Jones are still employed in this industry and that Zirilli, despite essentially directing grotesquely muscular primates to the tune of a bottom draw, largely incoherent script - that's only consistent feature is constant adrenaline fuelled, slightly homoerotic violence, manages to make everything so completely dull, forgettable and utterly lifeless.

Sara Z (gb) wrote: I was blown away at how raw and honest this film was. It dealt with real, difficult issues that most, if not all people can relate to. There are affairs, disabilities, prejudice, and a kidnapping. Each main character is likable yet broken, and each are changed by how their lives intertwine. Each actor does a fantastic job, with the exception of Dane Cook, who I think had a calculated somewhat forced performance. Overall, this film is touching and convicting. It challenges the audience to look at their own lives and to take action where it is needed to end injustice. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you feel like your life is stagnant and needs some motivation.

Cory B (us) wrote: This movie is really great! I don't know how you could not like it, it is such a touching story brought to life by wonderful actresses. Big thumbs up, everyone should have to see this movie.

Eriqua P (fr) wrote: Part of the Bay Area International Film Festival I noticed this was the one Puerto Rican film...and I missed its showings...Sad face...pero I found that it was on Netflix and I quickly pushed it up to the top of my cue.I want more exposure to Boricua film-making. Benicio del Toro is the executive producer.Maldeamores shows the less glamorous side of love through three storylines and three generations.We laugh at faults that are more hilarious when they are not our own.I loved Puerto Rico in the backdrop...from the music to the coqui, to just how people handle the stress of seemingly unsolvable crises. I saw snippets that reminded me of my abuelita, tios, and primos throughout the film.

Tarawa R (kr) wrote: A young boy establishing a connection with the POTUS by an accident, thereby commencing a wonderful story, subsequently refining the president, and upholding him in the Oval Office? I think that's pretty neat. The only thing I feel bad about this movie is that I got this piece of extraordinary work so late. In the end, the hero got his bright future, and got the nice girl. The traditional fairy-tale movie route? This movie is SO AWESOME!!!

Christopher H (kr) wrote: I'm not exaggerating when I say, this movie is probably one of the absolute best movies of all time. The dialogue, the background music, the butt clenching suspense is really well-done. The combination of all the things you can hear or see adds to the suspense that really made my heart beat and almost made me look away. It also had a good plot and mystery too that just made me marvel and savor this film as long as it was still running. This is probably one of my favorite thrill rides ever.

Mark G (nl) wrote: An amazingly underrated film, loaded with jokes that go over heads of the masses.

Arslan K (it) wrote: Superb cinematography, acting, story, and editing. A classic which will be remembered throughout time.

Goofball Galahad (br) wrote: A slightly more light-hearted follow up to "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" has some good moments, but there's just too much set up, too many bad songs and too much cynicism in this one. The end is like an anchor too. Hardcore Peanuts mavens and kids would problem not have as many issue with it as folks like me.