Sosesc pasarile calatoare

Sosesc pasarile calatoare


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Sosesc pasarile calatoare torrent reviews

Logan M (au) wrote: I think I've just found my new favorite movie.

stefano l (it) wrote: A bit terrifying the idea of some sharks in a calm lake in a small town, but just because sharks are terrifying by themselves. For the rest, the hot girl chosen by the director is hot but not that hot.

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It is not a good movie to watch

Abraham S (it) wrote: All Good Things contained images, dialogue, and scenes that were reminiscent of something truly transcendent, but the film itself never quite reached those heights. The entire final portion felt like an entirely different film and it was very inappropriate given what had come before. Kirsten Dunst continues to illuminate everything that she touches and here she was a fantastic marvel. I will always have a soft spot for her - ever since I was a little boy and I saw her in Interview With The Vampire. I fell in love with her then and she forever remains in some sacrosanct recess of my childhood whimsy. Ryan Gosling, who is always great, did everything that he could to give his character and, in turn, the story the weight that it needed and, in some transient respect, he succeeded. He embodied the strange character of David Marks to an absolute perfection. I have never been particularly fond of Frank Langella but he rarely disappoints, and definitely not in this film. I would watch this again - I'd even share it.

Kenny R (nl) wrote: sucked, sucked and more sucked. worst film ive seen in a while, and i watch alot of flicks.

Gabriel K (mx) wrote: This British farce had me laughing most of the time, though some gags were a bit over the top. Easily forgettable, but it will entertain you for solid hour and a half.

SagaciousFrank (mx) wrote: I knew nothing of the graphic novel when I came to watch 'Watchmen', except that the film was based on comics. I watched the 'Director's Cut', and I was completely engaged from beginning to end despite it running just over 3 hours. Not only is it visually striking and aurally brilliant, but I really enjoyed how Snyder paced and told the story and characters. I felt that despite not knowing anything from the source material, I got to know these characters reasonably well. There are some grand moments of action and Snyder shoots these with style and composure, never becoming over the top or confusing. He keeps the actions steady and focused. He tells the story well and gives ample back story to the main characters. And he does it with clarity and balanced pacing. I cannot begin to describe here how surprised I was that this film more or less nailed it for me from an entertaining perspective. The dark tone and very human qualities of the vilgilantes makes them very believable. The script is very tight and some parts are fairly profound but never too deep or pretentious. It simply strikes the right balance. This is possibly the best super hero/villain film I've ever seen, and it is without a doubt Snyder's best film to date. Rorschach was my favourite character. Not only is he badass, but he's the purest of them all, maintaining an inviolable principle of justice in the face of anything and everything. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommend. 5/5*

Lisa K (nl) wrote: meh. take it or leave it. it probably would've been more convincing if the lead character wasn't actually so creepy toward these kids. it could have really been a powerful film with a powerful statement to make, but instead i was left with no empathy whatsoever for his situation.

Stephen L (es) wrote: Another interesting Spike Lee commentary ruined by his trademark terrible endings.

Karen B (mx) wrote: Action & romance with a happy ending

Jennifer C (br) wrote: Perhaps the only great movie on sign language.

Dave H (au) wrote: Like its theme song, both very, very dated and very, very timeless. One of the earliest templates for a raft of idealistic-teachers-gets-off-the-rails-kids-back-on-them films. Even more resonant after being a teacher for similar teen brats. Poitier is typically magnetic. Love the exterior London stuff too.

Mj F (it) wrote: Paul Newman makes it worth the time.

Tommy M (br) wrote: Great film super funny. A great movie to watch with the kids!!

Vinny C (it) wrote: Jessica Alba is too sexy omgz