Sotto il vestito niente - L'ultima sfilata

Sotto il vestito niente - L'ultima sfilata

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:box office flop,  

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Sotto il vestito niente - L'ultima sfilata torrent reviews

Khaled M (kr) wrote: Train to Busan is undoubtedly a remarkable thriller, smart use of the cramped quarters. Another great zombie apocalypsemovie.The best thing about the movie isevery time you think things can't get worse, they do and a lot worse.

Godwin C (mx) wrote: Talk about a raw and sad doc

Alex S (it) wrote: Wes Bentley and Thomas Hardy storytelling = love

Kris L (mx) wrote: A bit disappointing but I liked it overall. Its kind of unfair to rail on it like i sometimes do but i've anticipated it since i was three.

Akira J (nl) wrote: Saw this movie today after so long and I have to say that this comic book movie was made ahead of it's time. It more feels like a modern day comic book movie than a early 2000's movie. The tone and atmosphere is like a DCU movie, but better. The comedic one liners and witty humor is like an MCU movie. It even has a portal to space/another dimension and steam punk. The cg is really good for an early 2000's film. The practical effects are amazing. The writing is good, the acting is good. The story keeps you invested in the film despite it's tonal changes. Honestly the only nitpicks I have with this movie is that it has a few plot holes. If they ever make an Amalgam movie, they should let Guillermo Del Toro write and direct it.

Marc R (ru) wrote: A supreme triumph in American cinema, Lee's vivid and passionate film is filled w/ lush photography, vibrant characters, and powerful emotion. 25 years later, it still might be the most unflinching and honest exploration of racial tensions in America. It not only pops off the screen. It speaks to us. And we should listen.

danny d (es) wrote: a thoughtful and well acted portrait of the struggle to face doubt and the apparent silence of God in human affairs. the conversation between tomas and algot at the end is really what brings this film full circle and makes it worth while, and some of the shots in the film and the way the scenes were staged set a perfect backdrop for the subject matter. a solid film.

Hannah K (ca) wrote: One word to describe this movie: Hilarious!

Eric T (ru) wrote: It's about 45 minutes too long. If they cut out as much it might be pretty good. I'd give the live show at Universal Studios 5/5 stars though.

Kieran H (fr) wrote: Not a comedy. Was okay but that's about it