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Souhrudam torrent reviews

Thomas P (ru) wrote: Pure shite !!! 1 hr. 30 min that ill never get back !!! Micky 2Pick

David J (us) wrote: Worse than the first, but still funny.

Tengku Z (us) wrote: Hard to find really good war movies lately and this one definitely filled that gap, especially when it's also based on a true event.

Shark M (it) wrote: WHAT I LIKED? This is one of the most interesting and original horror movies I've seen in a long time. WHAT I DIDN'T? It is kind of slow. WOULD I RECOMMEND IT? Definitely worth watching. Don't expect to see your average blood sucking zombies though.

Irene M (mx) wrote: No action, no plot twists. A boring and expectable film.

Sbastien D (au) wrote: Une com (C)die sans pr (C)tention, qui use souvent de facilit (C)s comiques affligeantes voire ridicules (sushi qui gigote, apparition de la Vierge Marie...) et d'un sc (C)nario assez restreint. Mais on peut reconna (R)tre Chouchou d'avoir des com (C)diens impliqu (C)s dans leur rle ainsi que quelques trouvailles comiques. Juste drle et mme parfois minimum.

Cety T (nl) wrote: It is so hard to watch it

Payul S (ca) wrote: Great movie to watch with kids

Bradley K (ag) wrote: Standout performances give the cycles of poverty and crime the emotional depth needed to be truly tragic. Not a fast paced or voyeuristic approach to crime-drama but instead chooses (as a strength) to focus on the characters that are touched by crime.

Skyler B (de) wrote: Why not just call this movie "Poster that Tells the Story" and call it quits?