Soul Boy

Soul Boy

Abila (14) lives in one of the most miserable slums in Africa. His girlfriend Shiku belongs to a different tribe, as the result of which he is not really allowed to fraternize with her. And then one drunken night his father gambles away his own soul.

Abila (14) lives in one of the most miserable slums in Africa. His girlfriend Shiku belongs to a different tribe, as the result of which he is not really allowed to fraternize with her. And... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Des S (de) wrote: This movie was as enjoyable as the last. It was once again action-packed, sad, heartwarming and entertaining. I would have given this a higher rating if there was more human-ape interaction.

Ray J (ru) wrote: The second movie in the [REC] series is only a step below the first in quality.This time alternating between a SWAT team and a group of kids. Unlike in the first, where it almost exclusively takes place in the quarantined building, in this one there are a couple of shots taking place outside (such as when the kids sneak in and before the SWAT team enter the building).Naturally, the acting is still pretty strong, and of course Manuela Velasco performance is still the highlight in that area. They probably should've focused on one of the groups, though, to make it more cohesive (the SWAT team or the kids).Overall, though, still a really strong horror movie on it's own, and a worthy addition to the REC franchise.

Alex K (de) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Christopher E (br) wrote: Great movie. Fast paced with a distinct style and flavour.

Russ V (de) wrote: For a straight-to-video sequel 21 years after a classic vampire movie, Lost Boys: The Tribe is quite good. It isn't really much different from the original, but the characters are fairly likable, and I found that it was kinda hard to tell how much of the effects were practical vs CGI, which can only mean that they look pretty good. I'm not surprised that this movie would get mostly negative reviews, but the fact that it's 0% and 25% I don't really understand. I could only imagine that people expected this to be more than a straight-to-video sequel.

Gome A (fr) wrote: A struggles of Alfred Hitchcock during the production of his most famous film Psycho.

Nicolas G (it) wrote: Un film qui... dechire! Installez vous dans votre fauteuil et accrochez vous, ca va fuser! Dupontel nous offre un film social vu sous un angle plus qu'original, a voir!!

Aline I (nl) wrote: Une vraie lesson de vie!!!!

Renee M (es) wrote: love this movie sad nobody has it anymore

Joe H (us) wrote: Not as good as Maniac Cop but still good fun

Adrian B (nl) wrote: Exciting drama in which a chauffeur, George (Bob Hoskins), provides a taxi service for his colleagues who are engaged in a prostitution ring, run by big time pimp (Michael Caine). Unfortunately for him, George's activities are known to his ex-wife, who keeps his daughter from seeing him, making him essentially go crazy and infuriated with his dark life. Eventually, he inadvertently gets entangled with one the hookers (Kathy Tyson), although funnily enough, not sexually, and even wants to attempt to rescue her. Fascinating movie, directed by Neil Jordan (same director who gave us "The Crying Game") with unflinching performances by Tyson and especially Hoskins. Love the song "Mona Lisa" by Nat King Cole on the soundtrack. A little hard to understand at times, however, due to the thick accents.

Vincent Z (us) wrote: I was just a kid when I first seen this movie. It scared me half to death. The sound these creatures make grate on your nerves and gave me the heeby jeebies the whole trip thru the movie.

Matthew O (mx) wrote: Good, solid flick. It's Kurosawa's first outing, so it was an education, no doubt, but it's still remarkably lush and entertaining. Oh, and the final fight scene is absolutely gorgeous . . .

Joe H (us) wrote: BORING!!! Couldn't sit through the first 30 minutes.

Shawn W (kr) wrote: I laughed once watching this film. Actually, it was more of a chuckle than an actual laugh.

David S (au) wrote: The Remaining is a pg13 monster, demon, creature feature, rapture, religious flick thing. There is so many different things going on in this movie, it doesn't know what it is. Then it forces what it is down your throat. The ending is stupid too. I get what it was trying to do, just very, very, again, very poorly executed. I have my beliefs and religion, but this is a terrible attempt to try and make anyone believe in anything. Pretty bad and stupid film.

Charlie G (br) wrote: In this movie they do battle with the oldest of the vampires and werewolves.