Soul Boys of the Western World

Soul Boys of the Western World

A journey through the 1980s and beyond; the story of a band, an era and how one small gathering of outsiders in London shaped the entire world’s view of music and fashion. The film is not only a fascinating, often hard-hitting social and cultural document of the time, but a brutally honest story of how friendships can be won, lost and ultimately regained.

The film goes inside the life and the success of one of the most famous band - Spandau Ballet of the 80s. The audience will have answers for questions: how they create a global music empire, what challenges they face in their life and their work. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian M (us) wrote: Another great documentary on yet another influencial band of my time. Films like this always remind me of how important a role music plays in my life. It reminds me that music is just another form of individual expression and it really is a shame to hear that music programs in schools are being cut left and right.

Zachary G (ru) wrote: I want to watch the series and then this.

Dominic N (ru) wrote: awesome i want some more movies like this

Adrian B (nl) wrote: In the years following World War II, the title character nurse (Imelda Staunton), working for an independent agency, is a door-to-door specialist who does abortions for ladies in need. These females are embarrassed, ashamed, and/or too poor to go a doctor and/or tell their families of their predicament so they take this generally risky, volatile route which could jeopardize their health. Unfortunately, one of the girls ends up in the hospital due to a contaminated instrument used in the process and to the mother's belief that she had suffered a miscarriage, but in actual fact, she had an abortion. Vera Drake is than arrested, with her believing she did nothing wrong. Really sad, potent film that tackles a pretty shocking, controversial topic during a period where you never hear about abortion. Really takes a risk and the results come out wonderfully. Staunton's performance is so sad, so good, that you can feel her sadness when she is charged with her unique crimes. Hauntingly good movie!

Tom K (fr) wrote: Even with the MST3K guys riffing, this one is a complete disaster.

Isaiah H (it) wrote: Very intriguing premise

Dinofoux O (ag) wrote: I'll first state that i'm not an anime person. Haven't seen many but my friends have seen tons. So I gave the series as well as this film a watch. I didn't regret it.

p b (ru) wrote: I can't believe that I actually saw all the shit I've seen :)

Roger T (ru) wrote: I consider this a horror story.

Christopher Z (it) wrote: I have seen four of the five Dirty Harry films (I have not seen the third film, The Enforcer). Sudden Impact (the fourth film) is my favorite so far, and it is a lot of fun. It is of course flawed. It moves and is edited too quickly, it's sleazy, and the villain isn't really a villain but a sympathetic rape victim who has a good reason to kill her attackers. Thus the viewer can only root for her. However, Sudden Impact does what it sets out to do. The point in a Dirty Harry film is not to give us complex characters; and contrary to what many people believe, they really are not interested in giving us political messages. All they want to do is show Dirty Harry gunning down the scumbags on the streets and acting like a badass, and Sudden Impact does it better than the other three films in the series that I have seen and in the most entertaining way. Actually, the movie is totally insane. It rapidly goes from scenes in which Eastwood guns down crooks and mafioso types on the streets, to scenes where Sondra Locke guns down her former attackers. This movie is nothing but a bunch of scenes where creeps get gunned down and blasted to smithereens (Locke enjoys blowing off the testicles of her rapist attackers and then shooting them in the head). There are almost no slow moments to give us breathing room. But who needs breathing room in a Dirty Harry film? If you are not offended by too much violence in movies, than Sudden Impact may work very well for you as entertainment. I found it more fun to watch than the tedious and slower paced original Dirty Harry, the overlong Magnum Force, and the absolutely awful The Dead Pool.

Isabel F (ru) wrote: Bette Davis plays this

Craig C (ru) wrote: I still remember seeing this with a friend and pointing out each plot twist before it happened. An implausible embarrassment that begs for a riffing/

Clark H (ca) wrote: Bit random in parts with some cheeky moments. Not sure why Sam L Jackson gave his character a lisp, bit clich. Special FX were brilliantly terrible.Wasn't quite what I had expected, or I'm beginning to dislike action comedies. Either one or the other is fine.

keith w (ru) wrote: Pretty poor, ending a good link in

Cameron J (us) wrote: It's a heartfelt and moderately funny comedy, though it's hard to tell if some moments are genuine thematic development or mean-spirited. Paltrow is pretty great in the role; it's not one of Jack Black's best.

Andrew B (mx) wrote: Typical Verhoeven fare in that it sneaks in smart ideas under the guise of a dumb action picture, solid and cerebral popcorn entertainment.