Soul of a Demon

Soul of a Demon

Che (Tseng Yi-che) returns to Nanfang’ao fishing port after taking the rap for younger bro Ren’s (Cheng Yu-jen) stabbing of the son of local mobster Shun (Hsu Ling-tsang). Ren is also back from hiding in Japan with their father, Chang (Michio Hayashida), who is due to return to settle a score with Shun.

該片延續張作驥過往對底層生活的關注,沿襲其獨特的暴力美學,講述成長於南方澳的一哲,其祖父來自日本,母親是來自蘭嶼的原住民,身世恰為南方澳地方歷史的縮影。一哲父親年輕時與南方澳幫派結怨,拋家棄子回日本闖江湖,與家人關係並不親近;一哲弟弟阿仁與在地幫派亦有糾紛,導致一哲為其頂罪坐牢,出獄後回到故鄉,依舊陷入複雜的人際牽絆,關於自我身分認同,於是派生許多矛盾的情緒。 . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick K (au) wrote: I've had it with Japanese films that are trying to impose such strict rules of morality that their entire plot surrounds itself on people taking their lives away because of trivialities.Not everyone should have to conform to such moronically strict morals.

Paul O (us) wrote: Slow, dull, boring and a bit predictable.

SV D (kr) wrote: I really want to see this. anyone interested in coming with?

stephen t (ru) wrote: was not bad, but not that great

Andrew C (ru) wrote: A pretty pathetic attempt here. Awful acting, a horrible script, uninspired direction and boring overall. I regret having seen this.

Faley A (nl) wrote: One of the most ridiculously funny comedy have seen so far ! Two of the most memorable pragmatic but at a time ludicrous character Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman' & Lt. JG Nicholas Holden played by two very best actors are in this movie. Hilarious , don't miss it !

Julien E (ru) wrote: Bien ordinaire et sans saveur comme film de zombies..

German B (ru) wrote: Una pelicula oscura pero que gira alrededor de la identidad de cada persona frente a la despersonalizacin de las empresas.

Chicago A (ca) wrote: Loved this movie on the day it was released (yup, actually saw it in the theatres in Palo Alto), and still love it to this day. This should be "a must see" movie for anyone who thinks hacking is easy, or that old timers had it "easy" in the good old days.

Jenna I (es) wrote: A portrait of Brooklyn in the 90s. Shot on my corner! However not terribly exciting. Jim Jarmusch and Lou Reed being the best parts.