Soul's Code

Soul's Code

When a murdered body of a highschool girl is found naked with a strange mark on her forehead used to prevent the vengeance of her spirit, Detective Khan from DSI is assigned to investigate the case. The dead girl is brought to Dr. Nicha at CIFS in Bangkok to find more clues and identify the body. Meanwhile, C, a former teenager's heartthrob is involved in this case when he begins to search for his lost ex-girlfriend. When the ghost is trying to connect to the living, Detective Khan starts to believe in something supernatural that leads him to the truth.

When the murdered body of a high school girl is found naked with a strange mark on her forehead, which is to prevent the vengeance of her spirit, Detective Khan from DSI is assigned to investigate the case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer G (es) wrote: Divertissant mais ingal. Par contre aucune ide si c'est fidle la BD ou pas...

Johnathon W (it) wrote: Star scream was great and also bumblebee and megatron and optimus prime

Sharon B (jp) wrote: The dinner in this movie is one of the best scenes in all of recent cinema. This is an excellent homage to Belle de Jour.

John C (kr) wrote: Admittedly, I had no clue what to expect from this movie, I had not seen a trailer nor read a review, and after watching it I can see why. The first half of the movie is pathetically slow, however the last half comes close to making up for it and actually got my blood pumping a few times. To explain the story, a dead detective is revived by having his body overtaken by a parasite, called a grail, which reanimates his body. In this new form, he and his partner turn into vigilantes, with the criminals providing the much needed blood the grail needs in order to survive. However, as most possessions go, the "human" side of him starts to fade and a more carnal side begins to appear, frightening his partner into finally having to turn on him. It was hard for me to see a story taking place, scenes were happening but no real apparent moving forward of the plot, but I could have been missing it. No offense to the actors, but it was hard knowing who was what as, not that they looked liked one another or anything, but the characters didn't come across very well and I found it hard knowing exactly which cop was on screen. Just not a well done movie, at all.

Shashank K (br) wrote: Kanti Shah at his poetic best. Even a comprehensive collection of similes and metaphors extracted from all the literature published in the Western World simply cannot match the vast range so ably versed in this movie. Tight plot, an intensity few other movies can match and time honored traditions such as revenge killings, Gunda is a must watch for all those who are worthy of its greatness.

Ayesha U (mx) wrote: Innocence at it's best! I wonder how did they get such a sweet, little girl to act so well...

Aj N (jp) wrote: Pretentious drivel. A total waste of time. Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives) has a non speaking part as the mother of these two loons. The one movie hilight is a long glimpse at her really gorgeous breasts.

Erik S (jp) wrote: Ready? Watch 15 minutes, find out plot, notice REALLY bad acting and special effects, skip the end, watch everyone get saved. Not even worth the 20 minutes you do watch.

Daniel F (it) wrote: Lethal gave me a nostalgia trip, despite never having seen it. This was a movie that would be strictly off-limits to me as a child, but the style and feel of the film is reminiscent of the action movies my friends and I loved before our tenth birthdays. Glover and Gibson both submit wonderful performances, especially Gibson, who plays a complete maniac with a convincingness that was probably more revealing than people realized at the time. His mythical heroism here is fun because it's convincing - the insanity aspect covers for some more farfetched parts of his character. Having to see Gary Busey was the only real negative of this film, together with the idiotic final fight scene.

David B (fr) wrote: a bit dull, but nothing really wrong with it. Except of course for the worst racial stereotype black servant I've ever seen...