What if life blindsided destiny? What if happiness was found in the unlikeliest of places? When do we allow ourselves to embrace the new without fear of letting go of the past? Gil is a twenty year old young man that questions himself and the world. He is an orphan, raised by his aunt Leila and his uncle César. His lifestyle is fulfilled by his guitar, poetry and alcohol, generating a family war that causes Gil to run away from home causing him to leave behind all his belongings, security and the only love that he had till then, the love of his aunt Leila. With his guitar on his back, without a destiny, money or the support of friends, Gil meets Otávio, a music producer that will change his destiny forever.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   flashback,   kiss,  

What if life blindsided destiny? What if happiness was found in the unlikeliest of places? When do we allow ourselves to embrace the new without fear of letting go of the past? Gil (Emílio ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Soulbound torrent reviews

Terry C (gb) wrote: A slick stylish Asian heist movie with a cast of colourful characters played some familiar Korean and Hong Kong stars. It drives at an exciting pace as well as delivers some great action sequences. Call it a Korean Ocean's Eleven if you must, but that only goes to compliment its quality.

Nonya B (br) wrote: Kevin Hart used to make me laugh, but this act came off as too scripted, as if he's lost his rhythm. Then, towards the middle of his act, he says some pretty overtly homophobic comments which ended up ruining it for me. Definitely would not recommend this guy for a good laugh.

Raven D (de) wrote: Very odd movie.The kid takes too long to wake up.

TTT C (gb) wrote: (** 1/2): Thumbs Down I heard of this one as a "British Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and I can see why people would call it that. But, there really is not much here that makes it special/different from other low-budget horror flicks these days. Its slightly better than most I've seen lately but I just can't quite recommend it.

Mohd S (nl) wrote: It's all about bowling competition, rape, sex, revenge, and also blood. It's not a good horror movie but still enjoy to watch it.

Chloe L (ca) wrote: every scenes are so beautifully composed, amazing.

Tim G (it) wrote: A great film, with some wonderful character interaction.

Louie R (de) wrote: lame. thisi 13 yr old kid is such a hellraiser and no one can stop him-better look out.

Blae 8 (br) wrote: Ah, I love it. My favorite character is Colt.

George (mx) wrote: loved the movie...Jon Cryer did a good job in the movie

AudreyKim H (mx) wrote: Fans of Steinbeck, beware. The only thing this movie really has in common with the book is the title.

Allan C (ag) wrote: I know this film is well regarded, garnering several Oscar nominations back in it's day and features a fine cast (Diane Keaton, Richard Gere, Tuesday Weld, William Atherton, LeVar Burton, Tom Berenger, and the film debut of Brian Dennehy.) and an crew (written and directed by Richard Brooks and beautifully photographed by William A. Fraker), but I found it dates and rather preachy. Maybe it's continued it's good reputation since it's never been released on DVD or Blu-Ray, but after I wanted a recent airing of this film on TCM, I really was not that impressed. The story follows the sexual awakening of a virginal teacher of deaf kids, Keaton, on what leads her down a road of what at first seems a positive road of independence but then goes downhill with drugs, alcohol, depression, arrests, abortions, and assorted debauchery. It's not a bad film. Keaton gives a compelling performance, even if some scenes felt rather stagey, but I'll lay blame for that at the feet of writer/director Brooks. William Frakers photography is gorgeous. I'm so glad that I got to see a fabulous HD version of this film on TCM. I also dug the 1970s soundtrack along with the film doing a very good job of capturing a time and place, making the film a fun time capsule to watch, filled with late 70s fashions, pick-up lingo, rotary dial phones, discotheque and bars. Even though I think the politics of this film are questionable and the drama is rather trite and dates at times, this is a worthy movie to checkout for fans of Brooks and/or the cast.

GringoTex J (us) wrote: This is Rossellini's "horror" film. Except the creeping camera is replaced with a creeping zoom. I forget who it was that said a dolly opens up space while a zoom collapses it, but it's in brilliant effect here. God and Satan are the monsters and they're lurking everywhere and sometimes it's hard to tell who the characters are more afraid of. There are many obvious parallels to Dreyer's Day of Wrath, but I think I prefer this film. These weren't provincial nutties as in Day of Wrath, they were the most enlightened men of their generation and to watch them condemn a witch to death against their own faculties is very horrific.

Paul D (us) wrote: Lang produces a decent spy noir, providing some good mystery and a suspense, it is solid filmmaking.

Michael O (it) wrote: My favourite Ken Loach Movie. An emotional rollercoaster ride which tells the story of a man desparately trying to find the money for his Daughters communion outfit. Tansey is possibly one of the nastiest men to hit the silver screen.

Matt B (es) wrote: It's nowhere near as good as Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris's previous classic, Little Miss Sunshine, but it's still fun and VERY cleverly written. Zoe Kazan, who also wrote the script, is absolutely charming. You'll finish Ruby Sparks hoping to see her in more movies.

Ben B (nl) wrote: some great parkour, predictable ending, not bad all in all.