1974. Amidst power cuts, strikes and boot-boy aggro on the football terraces, Joe McCain is bored of a life that's going nowhere. Enter hair-dresser Jane: blonde, beautiful, and moving to the beat of a whole new world of sound, movement and all-nighter dancing at The Wigan Casino - the home of Northern Soul. Swept along on this tide of pulsating dance and lust, Joe becomes embroiled in the darker side of soul scene that will put his friendship to the test.

The film tells a complex relationship of three young guys: Joe Mccain, Jane, Mandy. They attempt to have the better in boring life and Mandy suddenly falls for Joe so they are stuck in a love triangle. What the last choice of Joe? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Soulboy torrent reviews

Tony L (de) wrote: Franco's talent is obviously apparent considering his time spent on screen solo. The movie itself however is slow paced and perfunctory, occasionally breaking up the monotony with brief flashbacks and dialect.

Regina M (jp) wrote: My son and I sometimes rent films we think sound awful and play MST3000 with them. The basic story of Running on Karma was so implausible, we sat down with popcorn and glee preparing to demolish it. What happened then was the best lesson on the ideology of karma that I have even seen. The twisted plot, always pretty entertaining, demonstrated the concept of why the innocent may have to suffer. We started by laughing at the movie, and ended up enthralled by it.

Matty S (nl) wrote: This film hurt my feelings.

bill s (mx) wrote: Yes it's melodramatic but Foster's really good in this bittersweet trip down memory lane.

Tony M (kr) wrote: Before #StephenKing presented #Creepshow , #MarioBava directed the #horror anthology #BlackSabbath starring #BorisKarloff. In this one, each story progressively gets better. You'll find tales of #revenge, #zombies, #vampires and the #supernatural. 3.5/5 #KinoLorber

Kim B (kr) wrote: I mostly wanted to watch this since u hear of fred astaire and ginger roger movies so much. A light hearted dancing comedy with some singing as well. Filled with hijinks and puns rather than a heavy plot or drama, not really my cup of tea. Sometimes it was a bit hammy and annoying and i didnt appreciate the blas attitude toward men cheating on their wives. I loved their costumes and the set design tho. Fred and ginger were clearly very talented.

Matt M (br) wrote: A happily married farmer falls for a city temptress who convinces him to drown his wife and sell his farm. But as he sets out to do it, he realises how much her really loves her. It's hard to find a film so audacious in matching complex visual experimentation with emotional purity. Murnau's film feels greatly influential to the language of filmmaking that was to come and even to this day it's easy to see why it's regarded as groundbreaking. It achieves an unsurpassed level of beauty and cinematic lyricism thanks to the ambition of its creator, and that is why this film happily takes its place among the greatest of all time and certainly of the silent era, of which it represented its final part.

Amy H (es) wrote: Entertaining and light hearten and very heart warming. But storyline is not very fresh

Andrew B (nl) wrote: Watched it. Wouldn't expect, but very action intense and touching near the end.

Kitty C (es) wrote: The book and movie are fairly different but I like both in their own way. ;) Cute and funny movie.

Kordell C (us) wrote: One of the smartest movies ever made. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time thanks to the excellent writing and directing. The acting is also outstanding. A must see for any movie fan.