Sound of the Mountain

Sound of the Mountain

An ingratiating bride develops warm ties to her father-in-law while her cold husband blithely slights her for another woman.

The businessman Ogata Shingo works with his son Shuichi, who is his secretary, and they live together in the suburb with their wives Yasuko and Kikuko respectively. Shuichi has a love ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William V (us) wrote: Great foreign movie.

Michael T (de) wrote: I say shoot out both of the giant snake's eyes, kill it, and turn it into a freak show attraction.

David B (gb) wrote: One of the greatest adaptions of Robert E. Howard stories ever produce. The movie is perfectly done. There better be a sequel.

Veronica B (au) wrote: This is based on real land walking eels, but the movie exaggerated of course. The CGI made the eel look ridiculous but the movie was fun anyways. The outhouse scene was gross.

Saad K (br) wrote: The Beauty of Silence :)

D R (es) wrote: Bland, boring, half-hearted and sloppy script. What a mess 'No Good Deed' is. Rather painful to sit throught the entire movie I found myself fighting the urge to turn it off not even 30 mins into it. We all know Jackson is a great actor but what is it with this guy and bad films? Oh I dunno. One thing that always ruins a movie for me is lack of chemisty between cast members, and boy was there a lack of chemistry here. Seriously was that flirting between Jackson and Jovovich because they coud've fooled me. It's even difficult to stay focused on the plot(not that there was much of one anyway) bcause the bad acting is so bloody distracting, and I'm not just talking about one cast member, all of them , just so bland and wooden. Avoid, waste of time and money

Ian S (au) wrote: An almost brilliant, deftly artistic, and raw look at the more unexposed parts of teen coming-of-age. It doesn't use the sex as an attention getter, and it's all done so tastefully, beautifully, and most importantly: dramatically.

Dennis K (br) wrote: Another Dacascos classic :)

Garrett C (br) wrote: Surprisingly contemplative and thoughtful for a movie marketed as a "guys try to pick up chicks" film.

Tom L (au) wrote: Huge guilty pleasure.

dale m (jp) wrote: exellent movie kinda weird but deffinately worth watching

Austin R (ca) wrote: Cleverly filmed and very real feeling. I would've preferred some better actors, but it wasn't too terrible.

Sunil J (ca) wrote: Very silly but pretty funny throughout.

Darryl M (us) wrote: You Booof as fuc foool. This movie is funny and it sends a message if you didn't have yo head in yo .... you would figure it out