Sound Thoma

Sound Thoma

A rich gentleman who has a severe problem with his voice. His voice repels people from interacting with him.

Thomas is a smart and eligible bachelor. But anyone who hears him speak will dislike him. Because of his disability in speech, he suffers much from his villagers and even near and dear ones. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edward K (jp) wrote: its ok the acting and psychotic actions of jonathan jackson is pretty good though

Derrick C (ru) wrote: Why do people even make these films anymore if they aren't going to do something different with them. Every character is worthless and disposable. The killer is nothing more than a ripoff of the one in IKWYDLS. Even the tits were terrible. How do you fuck that up? Seriously there is no climax, it just ends. Why couldn't it have done that like an hour earlier? Why did I watch this whole thing?

Mohammed A (us) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Amir A (it) wrote: Not recommend. But I wanna that blazer!

cara r (fr) wrote: I wish I could watch this here.

Matthew S (br) wrote: I can't recall when I first saw "Carnal Knowledge" but it was on VHS and offered a very "crop'd" version. I just had the opportunity of watching this film in a pristine HD quality with full letterbox. It is amazing how a 40 years old movie remains a valid, highly intelligent and devastating study of identity, human connection and sexuality. ....and human cruelty. Every performance is amazing. But the two that stick with me are Ann-Margret and Jack Nicholson. Ann-Margret's character is so desperate for love with no clue of how to secure it much less be capable of actually returning it. The cruel joke here is that she is pursuing a man more crippled than she. Jack Nicholson delivers a grimly real performance. The final scene of this film featuring Rita Moreno is a brave and highly effective way to bring the movie to it's conclusion.

Lucas G (it) wrote: Absolutely amazing. War movie centered on character development and refined espionage plot, executed with great dialogue and legendary acting.

Zoran S (au) wrote: Never my favorite Lang but I suspect I need to see it a few times more. It's dense and peculiar.

Bill C (nl) wrote: More agit-prop than art, Mrs. Miniver pushes no boundaries. It was, however, exactly what audiences were wanting ( and probably needing ) in 1942. The evacuation flotilla scene is surprisingly effective, the sounds of war are appropriately jarring, and Greer Garson remains wonderfully calm throughout.

Todd N (gb) wrote: This is a pre-feminist feminist story. While Bogart is the male lead, Bette Davis is the star and hero as an escort for the mob whose sister is killed by them. The secondary leads are the other escorts. This is a story about standing up against fear, the establishment, and it's a story of courage and sisterhood. It's really great to see that progressive thinking isn't a new thing.

Paul K (ag) wrote: BEST movie EVER!!!!!

Richard L (gb) wrote: There is nothing new or exciting about Runner Runner; its bland story plays out by the numbers with cliche dialogue and an unmotivated plot.

Miguel R (nl) wrote: While The Iron Lady disappoints with its choppy storytelling, it's the outstanding performance from Meryl Streep that keeps the picture alive