Pure sound unaltered by human hands is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Gordon Hempton is an Emmy Award-winning sound recordist who has spent the last 30 years trying to find and record the vanishing sounds of nature in an attempt to capture a disappearing sensory experience. Filmmaker Nick Sherman observes Hempton in the wilderness for 30 days and uncovers an obsessive artist on a quest for perfection in this obscure medium. Hempton’s natural ability to locate and articulate himself through sound has a contagious energy and gives his work a transportive quality. Soundtracker is a fascinating meditation on the world’s changing landscape and the things we may be leaving behind in the service of progress.

Pure sound unaltered by human hands is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Gordon Hempton is an Emmy Award-winning sound recordist who has spent the last 30 years trying to find and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eshan W (ca) wrote: Anchored with fabulous performances from Anupam Kher, Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Kapoor. And with a noteworthy dowry subject, in India. But subject is lost into the dilemma of poorly written screenplay. Also its comes to the point of feeling ?done that been there? Director Habib faisal disappoints for the first time, having made a classic like Do Dooni Chaar, back in 2010. Except fantastic performances it crashes down after the half time.

Andres V (us) wrote: Otra ms a la lista de vieja moda sobre el abuso y la violencia contra las mujeres en medio oriente. De nuevo los "terroristas" y la religin de la mano. Lo nico bueno es que esta vez se basa un poco ms en el drama de la mujer y ni siquiera se le da nombre al pas donde se lleva a cabo. Sin embargo el protagnico no es muy bueno y no transmite la miseria a la que se tienen que enfrentar las miles de mujeres en Medio Oriente.

Anthony A (ag) wrote: The controversy surrounding this film kept me away from it for quite a while, but I have liked most of Winterbottom's work in the past. I found this to be quite a compelling and sinister noir story.

Amy H (es) wrote: A very confusing plot with many characters but not quite sure if they even link with each other to combine the whole story. Quite slow and boring.

Logan M (mx) wrote: "Match Point" proves a Woody Allen movie doesn't have to be funny to be good. It takes time for it to find its footing, but it proves to be an excellent dramatic piece.

Martin O (it) wrote: Classic cheese 80's horror. And not too bad stall.Actually used to scared the crap out of me when I was 9!

Christopher H (ru) wrote: The best stand up comedy show ever

NoPants R (au) wrote: Think of this one as a bit of a pre-Amityville Horror. The characters do a pretty decent job of playing their roles and setting the tone for the things that go on in this house they have taken charge of. It isn't the fastest movie, but it's got that thing that the 70s were able to do with natural creepy effects.

Art S (kr) wrote: There are a few transcendent moments of sound and image within this cinema verite stew of hotel room conversations which forms the backdrop to the Rolling Stones' 1972 tour of the US. Yes, there are sex and drugs and a general decadent vibe (who thought it was a good idea to keep the cameras running?) but no narrative thread appears and we never get close enough to anyone to begin to identify. A few live numbers spruce things up, but everyone seems to be marking time between them.

Fady M (ag) wrote: Wut da hell this movie wants from us ?!!

Lisa L (gb) wrote: Never read the book, but loved this movie! Patty Duke and Susan Hayward were absolutely fantastic! Definitely very 'campy', but engaging and entertaining nonetheless.

bill s (mx) wrote: Sci-fi western style that is watchable even with it's flaws thanks to Snipes manic over the top performance as the heavy.

Rudy R (es) wrote: Outdated to the point of being ridiculous.

Eric T (ag) wrote: What I liked was the reversal of Assante and Stallone's characters. I felt that was a very strong quality of this film. Definitely has some elements of Rocky in there. The acting was fine by some, bad by others, but I think the main characters (Lenny, Cosmo) were done very well in the way they think and feel. I've considered Stallone a very underrated writer especially in his early days. Definitely an overlooked Stallone movie that should be checked out esp. if youre a fan of his.