Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes

Richie, a sneaker sole designer, and his cousin Evan, a brain surgeon, are spending this weekend with their girlfriends in Atlantic City. When one of them ends up with a $436,000 jackpot, sour grapes is what results. Even though Richie uses two quarters from Evan to win the progressive jackpot, he sees no connection with that and sharing the jackpot. This ignites a hilarious, runaway chain of even

Two cousins and friends, Richie and Evan, go to Atlantic City to gamble. Richie loses all he has at slot machines and asks Evan for two more coins for a last attempt. That last attempt ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (us) wrote: Relentlessly jarring. SALVAGE zips through its first act so fast and smoothly, that by the time you've met the central characters, start to see what the stakes are for each one, and start to wonder how it could possibly unfold into a juggernaut of a horror film, you've already been gobsmacked with the same disorienting fear that the main characters are -- IMMEDIATELY -- subjected to, with no warning signs or routine gags/laughs to break any early tension. Consider SALVAGE the film-version of your first ever experience with ingesting a highly effective stimulant as in caffeine, nicotine, or more appropriately for this analogy, methamphetamine...It's intense. It's seemingly short-lived, and doesn't hang around too long, and when it's run its course, you are going to need to mentally unwind for a number of hours from the abuse your central nervous system just went through. (But this is a good thing!) See SALVAGE. Don't watch trailers, read reviews, or look up anything about it before hand. If you're a horror fan, this low-budget fright flick more than earns its welcome onto your screen. I'm pretty sure when you buy this movie you get a complimentary cargo-freighter of Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, Caffeine Pills, some medical needles, and a first aid kit that consists of a Vitamin Water and two xanax bars for post-viewing trauma mitigation. Okay, but wouldn't that be great though? You'd certainly need it...

Felicia C (ag) wrote: Weirdly watchable and watchably weird!

Comen S (us) wrote: great movie!made me cry

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Connor S (jp) wrote: Casualties of War is probably Michael J. Fox's most serious film to date, and unfortunately, it is extremely flawed. The true story is about a group of five soldiers who kidnap and rape a girl during the Vietnam War, and the subsequent court-martial of the soldiers. But the court-martial segment is done very poorly, and the brief section that takes place in the US is even worse. The film would have been much better if it had ended about right when the soldiers returned to base, and should have focused more on what happened while the soldiers were in the bush. Also, most of the acting in the film is really hit-or-miss. Fox and Penn definitely steal the show with their fantastic performances, but their performances aren't perfect. Fox plays Pfc. Eriksson, who is the good soldier of the group, but his character always seem to be more creepy than the ones raping the girl. Also, the John C. Reilly character was pretty pointless, since he was basically the dumb one of the group. Overall, Casualties of War is a somewhat brilliant war film that is only ruined by it's ending and acting, but features a powerhouse performance from Sean Penn.

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