Just married Hong Kong couple Chen & Lily emigrate to England, soon to become parents to a little baby boy and generally struggle through life. Chen works long days in a restaurant, while Lily does the housekeeping, daydreaming of setting up their own business, much to Chen's chagrin. When Chen lets his colleague Fok seduce him down a path of mounting gambling debts, he is recruited as a drug courier for a shadowy Chinese triad. Suddenly he realizes that getting their own enterprise could be their only means of escape.

Just married Hong Kong couple Chen & Lily emigrate to England, soon to become parents to a little baby boy and generally struggle through life. Chen works long days in a restaurant, while ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven L (fr) wrote: The best thing about this film is that it brings to light Nigeria's history, which so many Americans may be unaware of. The film also makes me want to read the book it's based on, because I could feel like there was more to the story.

solidity q (fr) wrote: This film could have been better. It left a lot of things unanswered.

Vasanth R (it) wrote: Great movie with an exceptionally great ending ...

John T C (mx) wrote: For a change Gary Oldman isn't the craziest mf in the movie. Lena Olin, hot and completely insane. Oldman is a cop on the take but meets his match in Mona Demarkov. Craziest bitch alive. If isn't leading Oldman around by his dick, she's destroying his life and the people in it. Yes its not a cinematic high point, but it's entertaining and I'm a Oldman fan. Violence, many a steamy moment and Juiette Lewis doing a sexy dance is enough for me.

Benjamin F (nl) wrote: Hook is a fun and cool movie for kids, but as an adult, it is silly and pointless. Robin Williams is awesome, but there are scenes that make no sense.

Barry T (de) wrote: A silly follow up to the cult classic but a funny one. Its aged badly but its really funThe twins get taken in by a lady who has an attic of freaks

Daniel V (au) wrote: This was the first Seagal movie I ever saw and it's definitely a step down from it's predecessor, Above the Law. But there is still some fun to be had with Nico aka Mason Storm bust faces and breaking limbs. Plus, Kelly "Weird Science" LeBrock is so hot.

Ben L (gb) wrote: I was nervous revisiting this film that I absolutely adored growing up, because many of my childhood favorites don't age so well. But Adventures in Babysitting is so wonderful, and doesn't feel like it has aged at all. The story totally holds up, and I love pretty much every aspect of the film. Each little dangerous twist and turn that the plot takes adds to the fun, and the logic of why they end up in each place makes total sense. There are certainly some silly moments (like the scene in the blues club) but I just chalk that up as movie-logic utilized for a joke. This film was actually Chris Columbus' directorial debut, and he does a great job with it. One of the things that Columbus seems to be able to manage remarkably well are child actors. He almost always casts kids that are quality actors, and directs them so they will realize their full potential. Of course the cast entirely hinges on Elisabeth Shue, who is simply adorable in this movie. I had a pretty big crush on her back in the day, but seeing it as an adult I can still say her performance is superb. I particularly love the scenes where she starts to panic because of all the insanity going on around them, but simultaneously fights to maintain her role as babysitter watching over the kids. There's very little that I don't enjoy about Adventures in Babysitting, and as I said it holds up pretty well today, so I would highly recommend it.

Lisa M (br) wrote: Duvall deserved the Oscar.

David C (ag) wrote: For a needlessly precise numerical rating: 86/100, or A-A gobsmackingly hilarious parody/conflation/sequel of the first two Frankenstein films. It helps that Bride of Frankenstein is essentially a camp take on the first film, so the film only has to faithfully replicate the visual style and tone of the films and then nudge them just a bit more into the direction of comedy- a little police captain with an immovable fake arm here, a little Doctor and Monster "Putting on the Ritz" there.

Daniel E (kr) wrote: Unsettling chilling film featuring a brilliant performance from Richard Attenborough as the creepy psychopath.

Richard H (ag) wrote: Oh....I wanted to like this movie. I really did. But it's so inept! The acting, production values and camera work are just dreadful....

Michael D (nl) wrote: love brooklyn, but still...