Sous mon lit

Sous mon lit

Mira is sixteen years old. She lives with her parents and she finds it hard to leave the world of childhood. She is scared of sex and kisses put her off. When her parents leave home for ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:44 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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Mira is sixteen years old. She lives with her parents and she finds it hard to leave the world of childhood. She is scared of sex and kisses put her off. When her parents leave home for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katie G (ca) wrote: Poetic cinematography, but no explanation as to why Florbela's life and poetry were important enough to warrant the film.

Kim C (jp) wrote: The book was pretty good, but...

Mateo S (br) wrote: Why does this only have a 48% by the critics? If you don't take it too seriously it's a decent, fun political comedy. And when you compare it to more recently similar movies (The Campaign w/ Will Ferrell), it'd even be considered smart!

Stuart M (us) wrote: I really liked the book this film was based on. It offered an interesting thriller set in a world where the Nazis won the war. The film reproduces that intrigue and mystery as the protagonists discover the horrifying truth of the Holocaust. That said, it's never really as engaging as the book was. Where does the film go wrong? In focusing on the thriller elements they downplay a lot of the worldbuilding present in the book. This is of course the main reason why people see a film like this: they wonder what the world would have been like run by Nazis. And obviously we get a little of it, but really with the exception of the hidden Holocaust (which of course we already know about) there's nothing here that couldn't be kept if the film was set in a generic eastern European nation instead, or even in Germany before the war. So we see none of the cultural shifts; the increasingly technocratic and arrogant young post-war SS officers, the difficulties of a fascist state with no obvious internal enemies to blame, the new peace-loving propaganda while the war in Russia rages on, etc. All gone. Which is a real shame because Rutger Hauer and Miranda Richardson are great in the lead roles. If only they hadn't chickened out on embracing the weirdness of the setting they could have had a real hit. As it is it's merely a mildly diverting thriller. Harmless, but not particularly exciting.

Marshall O (mx) wrote: Watty Wight is my alter ego

Camille L (ca) wrote: Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man est une comdie d'action qui transpire le dbut des 90s avec tant de passion qu'on en viendrait se demander si le film n'a pas t fait aujourd'hui avec pour envie d'assimiler tous les lments inhrents cette poque. En effet, le film de Simon Wincer est un enchanement d'une efficacit redoutable de scnes d'action grand renfort de fusillades, d'explosions, de one-liners et personnages qui n'ont pas d'autres traits de caractres que d'tre "cool". Si Mickey Rourke fait du Mickey Rourke, ce qui est videmment un dfaut, Don Johnson apporte toute l'intensit dont il est capable un rle simpliste. Pur popcorn movie, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man est une russite en son genre.

jay n (jp) wrote: Absurd blend of cotton candy teen movie and spy picture defies categorization but is silly enough to watch once in a bemused state.

William D (us) wrote: "Manhattan Melodrama," which won an Oscar for Best Screenplay, is yet another 1930s gem that I've found lately. First was "Dancing Lady," then "Hell's Angels," and now "Manhattan Melodrama." The 1930s were a golden age of American cinema, and I've barely scratched the surface of it. How exciting it must have been in that era to work in the movies. Clark Gable (who was also in "Dancing Lady") and William Powell play men who've had a life-long bond. They were orphaned together on the same day in a terrible boating accident. One is studious and upstanding (Powell); the other (Gable) is a drop-out who got into bootlegging and gambling. When the studious one becomes Manhattan District Attorney, his close friendship with a gangster becomes a problem. When their lives begin to intersect more, including sharing a woman (played wonderfully by Myrna Loy), the complications multiply. It's a fascinating, pretty serious drama that I can't imagine would disappoint anyone. It's also briskly paced, brilliantly edited, and perfectly directed (by W.S. Van Dyke). Highly recommended. Incidental note: Gangster John Dillinger saw this movie the night he died. He was shot by FBI agents as he exited the theater. I can certainly see why he would have been attracted to this movie. It's a complex portrait of a boy born on the wrong side of the tracks.

Liam M (us) wrote: 3.0/10With a cast this talented the movie would have to be great, right? No, Grown Ups is a film with very few laughs and no real sense of emotion. Adam Sandler should have made this movie 15 years ago when these guys were still hilarious. Now it goes into the trash pile of other disastrous comedies of the past few years.