Shyam an ambitious young man is in Mauritius to fulfill his dreams. He meets Rukmini, a millionaire's daughter. They fall in love and get married despite strong opposition from Rukmani's stepmother and brother. Shyam would love to be a father, but Rukmani undergoes an operation to stop any pregnancy, as she is least interested in becoming a mother. This widens the gap between the couple. Rukmini even suspects Shyam of having an illicit relationship with Radha, a librarian. Rukmini's stepmother and uncle, who have an eye on Rukmini's wealth, further fuel the misunderstanding to the point of breaking their marriage.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:singapore,  

Shyam an ambitious young man is in Mauritius to fulfill his dreams. He meets Rukmini, a millionaire's daughter. They fall in love and get married despite strong opposition from Rukmani's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel M (mx) wrote: Don't even think about it.

Ian G (kr) wrote: A great little documentary from James Marsh of Man of a Wire fame focusing on the story of Nimm, a chimp who is brought on as an infant in the 70's to study its abiliity to communicate if taught to sign and through being nurtured by a human family, overseen by a professor at Columbia,. Intriguing since rightly or wrongly, personal gain and the rights for Nimm begin to shift the care for him from the case study, to the family, to to compound where Nimm was born and even into a science lab for study. Begs lots of questions for animal rights as well as the best way to care for what turns out to be an extraordinary critter.

Matthew D (mx) wrote: An enjoyable and well-acted corn-filled film. Rosie Taylor-Ritson is by far the best.

Crystal O (ca) wrote: It seems like a lot of ppl think this movie lacked "heat" and I simply disagree. The pull between the two main characters is deep and quiet, which is a nice change of pace from the "in your face" love affairs of todays films.

Jason P (ca) wrote: The entire film was people either running away from or shooting at a guy with a skeleton mask on a horse. There was no plot to speak of.

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Scott R (kr) wrote: Reasonably epic, and well written. Informative despite the poetic license used to make this an engaging film. Leigh was good and Raines surprised.

Joseph O (it) wrote: Over the course of a few days, several people from different backgrounds go to stay at a hotel, where their stories and paths intertwine with each other's. Among these guests include a con artist (John Barrymore), a business man (Wallace Beery), a stenographer (Joan Crawford), and a dancer (Greta Garbo).So, this movie is one of the first films to feature an all-star cast (for its time) and is one of the first Best Picture Oscar winners. I have been meaning to watch all the Best Picture Oscar winners for some time, so, I was looking forward to seeing this movie.Let me start off with the positives. The cast is overall very good: I think everyone had at least one scene to shine in their roles that make them easy to remember when watching the film. The actor that surprised me the most was Lionel Barrymore as the dying man. I liked him as Mr. Potter in "It's a Wonderful Life", because I think he really fit the role of a grouchy man. Here, he is considerably more vulnerable because he showed more fear and anxiety in trying to live his last few days at the hotel the way he wanted to live it. I also liked John Barrymore, since his character had different sides to him as he interacted with different people, and I think he had great chemistry with all the other main characters he talked with. The dialogue may sometimes sound melodramatic (it is the 1930s, after all), but I think the actors had good delivery to make the movie more entertaining for a while.With this being a very old movie, there is bound to be pacing issues, and boy, "Grand Hotel" has them. This movie is less than two hours, but it feels longer. I was very engaged for the first hour where we see all these characters and stories mix together. But after the half-way point, I felt that the movie dragged quite a bit. I am not entirely sure what it is, but maybe the melodrama that some of the characters display felt like it was taking too long for the story to make progress."Grand Hotel" is a fine film that I would say is worth watching. Particularly for film fans who are interested in older cinema, this is a good place to visit to observe what all-star casts were like back in those days. As a Best Picture winner, I think it is alright: not great, but the performances and mix of the stories (mostly) are what stand out the most.7/10

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Julia O (kr) wrote: As silly and unbelievable as the prospect of an actor getting revenge on critics who gave him bad ratings, this is fantastic film.