Souten Ki Beti

Souten Ki Beti

Despite being in love with Radha, Shyam fulfils his father's dying wish and marries Rukmini and they manage to find a good balance as husband and wife. Whilst on a trip to a hill station, they meet a 5 year old girl who takes them to her home and exposes an unknown truth - the little girl Dolly is Shyam's own daughter by Radha. Rukmini rises to the occasion as a great woman and accepts and adopts Radha as a second wife of Shyam and Dolly as their daughter, without caring for society and the law. They live happily under one roof until Dolly falls in love with a high society advocate's son Amit. But society doesn't accept Dolly and charges her of being a illegal child and they must face both social and legal barriers as well as family turmoil in a fight to be together.

Heart Specialist Dr. Shyam Verma is the only child of his widowed father, Shankar. Shyam runs into beautiful Indian Airlines' Air-Hostess, Radha, and falls in love with her, woos her for 12... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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